Bee Urban Co-Living: A Place You Can Call Home!

Namit Agarwal, Founder,Hrushikesh Shrotriya, Co-founder

Namit Agarwal, Founder

Hrushikesh Shrotriya, Co-founder

Moving away from home brings with it the emotional weight of losing a support system and the added worry about finding that “new nest” which provides a comfortable experience. A place which allows for a warm and friendly environment, has all the amenities, allowing you to do what you have relocated for(study or work) in a peaceful manner. Unfortunately in most cases these requirements come with a high price tag attached in form of exorbitant rents and/or deposit amounts, unreasonable demands from the landlord, or just time consuming search, in an otherwise unorganized market of realestate rentals. “When I first moved to Pune, I was single, excited about my first job and equally nervous about figuring out pretty much everything on my own. A decent place to live was on top of that list. However, the experience of finding a place was harrowing. What fit into my budget wasn’t in the right area, what was a right area didn’t have too many furnished options. When I eventually managed to get a room, landlord became an issue. I had to change far too many places. This experience stayed with me,” recalls, Hrushikesh Shrotriya, Founder & CEO, Bee Urban Co-Living. With the seeds Bee Urban sowed out of personal experience, two friends and colleagues came together to figure out a system, a common platform to address the tediousness of finding a place to live. “We noticed that the problem had intensified over the years and estimated that approximately 14 lakh students and young professionals who come to Pune face the same issues of finding accommodation.
That’s how the idea of Bee Urban was born. A co-living solution that focused on delivering a happy and happening place to live.” Says Namit Agarwal, Co-Founder & Head of Business Development at Bee Urban Co-Living.

A True Community Living Experience
Bee Urban, Youth Co-Living Hostels is a fast growing Youth Co-Living concept that is committed to providing a secured, warm and pleasant living experience. "Comfort, Safety and Nurturance are the three pillars, core values of service at Bee Urban. We promise a secured, warm and pleasant living experience while focusing on providing everyone who stays with us an enriching environment that encourages friendships and self development,"says Rashmi Shivalkar, Head of HR at Bee Urban. Bee Urban offers all the basic amenities which include free high speed Wi-Fi, regular house keeping services, fully equipped common kitchen and 24-hour security to a complete furnished study area, on-call doctor, flexible food facility, laundry services and bed frame storage.

Bee Urban Youth Co-Living Hostels is a fast growing Youth Co-Living concept that is committed to providing a secured, warm and pleasant living experience

Bee Urban is a hive for youth to support, grow and prosper in a close knit environment. “We have monthly popcorn events where we organize community events, celebrate festivals, conduct workshops, technical sessions & interactions with industry experts,” explains Namit.

The Growth
Started in mid-2018, Bee Urban Co-Living Hostels currently service prime markets of Pune real estate Viman Nagar and Karve Nagar. Bee Urban now aspires to become a fully operational model as we are working towards acquiring ISO 9001 certification. Earlier this year, we also got our recognition as startup by Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India. We are already in advance stages of collaboration and tie-up with colleges and are also working towards building a franchise network. We have started integrating our various operations and functions with use of advance technology that will aid out expansion,” explains Vinayak Manglurkar, Head of Finance and Operations.

“While expansion has been rapid in Pune, we are looking forward to expanding in Mumbai. Having said that service and community is the heart of Bee Urban and we hope to be the preferred abode of the youth in markets we go,” they conclude.