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  • 10 Best Co-Living Startups - 2019

    At present, the co-working & co-living concept is gaining a massive momentum in India. Not only flexible workspaces but versatile living spaces are evolving at a frantic pace over the past years and have completely disrupted the traditional accommodation environment such as rented flats and PGs.This trend has been quickly embraced by young people in cities across the country, and it is turning as a new answer to the age old issue of affordable housing. It's also an ideal way to continue professional and personal growth outside the office. In the last few years, these sub-segments have emerged and are helping professionals in various ways. According to a joint report released by JLL- Ficci, the co-working market already accounts for 12 percent of the office leasing market...

10 Best Co-Living Startups - 2019

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Bee Urban Co Living Bee Urban Co Living Namit Agarwal, Founder, Hrushikesh Shrotriya, Co-founder Comitted to provide world-class housing experience to students and young professionals
FF21 FF21 Rahul Baliga, Ajay Nemani, Arun Nemani, Co-Founders Caters to experiential community living space for the young and working professionals
Furnome Furnome Yashwanth Jembige, Anshul Mishra & Anurag Dixit , Co-Founders One-stop solution that curates fully furnished Co-living spaces and creates a friendly environment to young professionals
Homversity Homversity Saurav Kumar Sinha, Founder & CEO Aims to create ideal co-living space for students that is simple, convenient and effective
My Roomie My Roomie Arun Murthy Co-Founder & COO, Dennis Basil, Co founder & CEO Specializes in giving structured, professionally managed student accommodations
OLE Stays OLE Stays Dhiraj Kankariya, CEO Technology- driven rental solution provider that offers good shelter at modest rates in Tier I and Tier II cities
PopcornStay PopcornStay Sujit Yadav & Kavita Yadav, Co-Founders Online platform that offers a comprehensive list of comfortable student housing and rental home for both males and females
Roomee Roomee Ravichandran Annadurai, Founder & CEO Curated marketplace that hosts pre-verified properties and enables them with booking and other tools
Tribe Stays Tribe Stays Yogesh Mehra, Founder & CEO Offers luxurious co-living spaces for students with all-inclusive packages for both boys and girls
YourOwnROOM YourOwnROOM Sachin Joshi, Co - Founder, Prabhat Kumar Tiwary, Founder & CEO Furnishes strategically located good quality Co-living and Family managed homes to millennials and tenants