Beegle Agritech: Democratizing Smart Farming Technologies

Havyas K S, CEO & Co-Founder,Nitin Singh, CTO & Co-Founder

Havyas K S, CEO & Co-Founder

Nitin Singh, CTO & Co-Founder

In the forward march of technology, disseminating the same to people is parallelly crucial." surmised Mr. Havyas, Co-founder of Beegle Agritech thus fuelling him to re-innovate agricultural technologies to make technologies available, accessible and affordable to the farmers. All this started with Mr. Havyas getting placed in a village for RAWE (Rural Agricultural and Institutional Work Experience) as part of academic activity during graduation in Agriculture Marketing at GKVK. A stint in fields with farmers at the grassroots level paved way for conceiving this Bangalore based agritech company in 2019.

It was an eye opener for the co-founder to realize that farmers who generally reject the adoption of high-tech in farming due to cost, access, and complex uses, were seemingly inquisitive to adopt technologies, given that access and affordability are taken care of. The idea got its startup wings during their post graduation at Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India, Ahmedabad and Soon, Beegle Agritech became synonymous with a smart farming solution provider to the farmer community.

All in One Solution of Farming
The plight of farmers in India has improved marginally with the introduction of the
internet, and various schemes from the Government But despite the use of technology, the paradox of farmers' plight remains as it is. Identifying the core issues, Beegle Agritech, provides modern agricultural technologies, thus democratizing the Agritech such as drones for Precision farming, Coffee Harvesting tools, Hydroponics, and Microponics.

Beegle Agritech operates under two major brand lines Happening Farming, and Happening Hydroponics. The Happening Farming is the rental model for technologies like coffee harvester, plantation tools, and drones. The recent add-on is Multipurpose Drone for Precision Farming which is slotted to be on market by this year end. The drone is capable of doing multiple tasks from monitoring plant health, precision application of both liquid as well as solid plant inputs and is capable of reducing aerial pollution, a major issue faced by existing are al spraying drones.

Dissimininating the Agritech such as drone for Precision farming, Coffee Harvesting tools, Hydroponics, and Microponics in most accessible and affordable ways

Beegle Agritech renders technologies based on the FAAS (Farming as a service) model, Integrated Circular Pyramid Farming (ICPF) aimed at integrating hydroponics, poultry, fisheries, and solar energy therein bringing in all systems under one roof. This reduces farm waste to a mini-mum and drastically reduces water usage. Beegle is further slotting its technologies to make it accessible to farmers on rentals too.

Future Dissemination of Technology
Beegle Agritech's mission is beyond just disseminating the technology to farmers, but to provide clean and green India. For this, the company's ICPF's model of farming, aerial spraying with minimum areal pollution, sustainable management of water, and encouraging and undertaking responsible consumption and production. Beegle Agritech has built a first-of-its-kind ICPF technology in Bangalore in collaboration with Nottingham Trent University, UK. This and many other such multipurpose projects are already in pipeline of this company, there by establishing several hubs in a farming cluster. Beegle is further contemplating its options to encapsulate all the major modern farming equipment and expand to other parts of the country through franchise models.