Bellwether Digital Media: Nurturing Your Brand Value

Balasubramanyam G,Managing Director

Balasubramanyam G

Managing Director

Ten years ago, Digital Marketing and IT was limited to big organizations who could afford it. But with new, cost-efficient technologies paving their path in, IT has become every organization’s requisite. However, the dilemma was the scarcity of providers stretching their services to SMBs, but rather focused on larger clients. At the same epoch, Balasubramanyam G (popularly known as Balu) was making a transition in his career and studying the market for better opportunities, and the growing Internet caught his eyes. Sensing humongous market that was majorly un-attended especially for SMBs, Balu incepted Bellwether, a Hyderabad-based digital marketing and IT services company. Established with a view to help SMBs reach out to their target customers in a specialized manner, Bellwether has successfully leveraged technology to achieve high growth rate and enhance customer satisfaction for its clients.

Today, Bellwether offers a broad spectrum of digital marketing solutions which include Search Marketing (organic and paid), Ad
Traffic Operations, PPC Campaign Managements and Video & Email Marketing. In addition to these marketing services, the company also offers Website Development, e-Commerce systems, CRM software & other IT services.

The key strength of Bellwether is it’s highly experienced team who have rich expertise of working with various multi-national companies. Unlike other IT services & Digital Marketing agencies, Bellwether not only undertakes outsourcing for marketing, but it also recruits talented resources,trains them to meet client’s expectations and send them to work in client’s company, acting both as a marketing agency and a consultancy for the businesses who want to set up their teams in India.

Rise of an All-Round Digital Marketing Agency

Attaining the top position in any industry comes hand-in-hand with a hoard of challenges. Bellwether was no different. To meet client’s expectations and implement campaigns in the best possible way, recruiting top-class talent was the only option. And, for a young agency like Bellwether, it was an absolute uphill task as most of these top talents preferred to work for bigger, well established agencies. On the other hand, due to their business expansion plans, the companies had very big marketing requirements, but low budget, as money spent on marketing was considered an expense. “Most of the small and medium businesses always considered marketing as a cost or an expense.
Making them understand that marketing budget is not an expense but it is an investment was the biggest challenge that we, as an upcoming digital marketing agency face,” says Balu, Managing Director, Bellwether.

Currently, Bellwether has a workforce of 15 full time and part time employees and the work culture followed is simple & stress-free. The employees can work from home if they do not want to travel all the way to the office! The company is strictly against ‘By-the-Book’ policy and emphasizes on employee satisfaction.

“To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace. Employees who believe that management is concerned about them as a whole person – not just an employee – are more productive, more satisfied, more fulfilled. Satisfied employees mean satisfied customers, which leads to profitability,” says Balu.

Aiming for the Bigger Stars

Through its unique marketing solutions and increased growth rate among its clientele companies, Bellwether now boasts of having high-profile companies like Amazon and RedPine Signals as its’ clients. After having a solid client base of small and medium businesses, Bellwether is now looking forward to start pitching for major brands and train the in-house digital marketing teams of these organizations. In addition to this, the company is planning to have at least a hundred offshore clients in the next one year.