Benzaiten Advisors: Devising Innovation-Driven Management & Consulting Solutions

Reena Dayal,   CEOManagement and Technology consulting are poised for tremendous growth round the world. The most significant disruption is that every firm now and in the future is/will be a technology-driven company. Thus, incorporating technology into a companys strategy is critical for the long term survival of a company.Furthermore with technological improvements, AI has a significant role to play in management consulting. Tech-driven platforms that can track clients and engagements while also providing general information are essential along with tools that provide significant contributions through secondary research/modelling realworld scenarios and ways to assess and measure the impact of technology on Society and the environment. Digital tools allow consultants to spend more time drawing insights from their experience and less time actually churning data. It may also imply better customer solutions.

Benzaiten Advisors specializes in a very niche space of innovation management and consulting on future and emerging technology. The organization works on the whole range of consulting for innovation management, from strategy to Implementation guidance. There is an additional focus on emerging tech consulting this is generally limited to CXOs and boards. Benzaiten Advisors operates in a highly specialized market due to the nature of its solutions. The firm also has its own unique framework, the STECH IMPACT framework, for assessing and measuring the influence of
technology on business, economics, and society, among other things. Benzaiten Advisors' purpose is to use science and technology to help society. Eventually, the company hopes to become the "Go-To Firm" for CXOs and Boards for technology impact briefings and consulting services.

Speaking of the emerging multisourcing model, CEO Reena Dayal states, “When customers have the option to work with different consulting firms, I believe they will mix and match in order to find the best fit for their needs. Smaller firms may be able to obtain assignments here. whereas larger organizations see this as revenue lost on the table when other firms get involved with a customer where they had a major share in the business pie from a specific customer. On the other hand, individual projects have overlaps and dependencies, and hence the full benefits of consulting may be lost in translation across entities working on these many projects.”

“We are concentrating on all new and developing technologies, including quantum, metaverse space technology, materials, and artificial intelligence (AI), among others. We want to stay as a specialized service provider for a while before scaling up by developing a strong platform. We envision a platform-based strategy in the future to scale up advisory and consultancy services while maintaining the Benzaiten Advisors brand consistency,” she adds.

A Competent Team
The CEO and lead consultant of Benzaiten Advisors, Reena Dayal has 30 years of experience in deep and developing technology and innovation management. She established and launched Innovation Management activities in large multinational corporations. She has also developed and implemented frameworks for accelerating new digital innovation ecosystems in sectors such as storage technology and quantum science and technology in the country. She has also advised Boards and Chief Executive Officers on developing technology and its impact on business and society. In addition, the company has a pool of senior consultants in numerous new technology fields.

“We occasionally do innovation culture related training for individuals in addition to the innovation related workshops that we do for corporations when it comes to training workshops and reserving a consultation. These seminars are designed for those who are not affiliated with the same organization,” highlights Reena.

Benzaiten Advisors recently produced a whitepaper on its STECH IMPACT Framework, following multiple successful engagements since its start. This framework will serve as the foundation for several of the company's current and future solutions. It is an important paradigm for evaluating technology and its impact on the greater ecosystem.