Gamlaa : Creating World-Class Workspace Greenery!

Mayur Oswal, Co- Founder, Shri Sakhare, Founder & CEO,& Rohith Padyal, Co- Founder
Mayur Oswal, Co-Founder,Shri Sakhare,Founder&CEO &Rohith Padyal,Co-Founder

As people are spending the majority of their time in the enclosed workspaces, they are alienating from nature, resulting in fatigue,loss of focus and reduced productivity. All humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature, as it provides them with a feeling of pleasure,calm and relief from attention fatigue. Modern day organizations and architects understand the necessity of having a green indoor environment and going ahead,a large number of companies will have greenery as a mandatory element in their offices.

In this fairly unorganized industry, Gamlaa emerged as a reliable greenery partner and has been leading the way in creating world-class greenery for offices and other commercial/ residential establishment. Workplace greenery trend is on the rise and the market is likely to remain that way for the coming two decades and maybe more. Gamlaa aims at acting at the fore front of this trend in order to capitalize this opportunity and be recognised as a leader in this domain.

The Growth Story
In 2013, Gamlaa started in
Hyderabad as a online garden store and green gifting company. After two years of their online operations, some corporate companies started approaching Gamlaa, citing their professional approach to this unorganised sector and hence, the business collaborations began. It was during this phase of business when the founder realized the tremendous value that his company was creating for corporate and commercial clients, who had to deal with unprofessional vendors like Malis and roadside nurseries.As the appreciations about their service and offerings grew, they pivoted their vision towards Workplace greenery and commercial interior landscapes for which the appreciations still continue to come.

"Our unique offering of Greenery-as-a-Service; where clients can rent entire workplace greenery at a fraction of investment cost has generated a lot of enthusiasm among the consumers"

Now, Gamlaa’s clientele consists of many Fortune 500 companies, offices, commercial spaces like hotels, restaurants, hospitals, malls and many go-green enthusiasts who want world-class greenery in their bungalows or high-end apartments.“All our product and service offerings are a result of extensive research on how modern office/commercial spaces are designed; and we have created a unique as well as comprehensive portfolio for four typical spaces like floors, walls, ceilings and storage,”says Shri Sakhare, Founder & CEO. Some of Gamlaa products are vertical gardens, green space dividers, hanging gardens, designer
planters & pottery and a wide variety of sustainable indoor air purifying plants.

Gamlaa works closely with architects and interior design consultants on creating a unique green workplace that ensures that the products seamlessly merge with the office design theme.

“Our unique offering of Greenery-as-a-Service; where clients can rent entire workplace greenery at a fraction of investment cost has generated a lot of enthusiasm among the consumers. We have been signing plenty of corporate clients on this innovative service model.”, says Shri Sakhare.

Mapping the Road Ahead
With employee strength over 60, Gamlaa has been able to consistently generate 100 percent year on year growth. The company has major clientele in Hyderabad but since last year it has also been acquiring clients in Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Mumbai and Gurgaon.It has executed more than 150 projects, covering more than 15 million sq. ft of commercial space and has installed more than 1.5 Lakh natural plants.

Gamlaa is in process of developing local infrastructure& operations,to shorten the turnaround time and provide better service to the customers. In future,they plan to cater residential customers through customized packages and also export their designer landscape elements to international markets.