HealthOL: Dedicated to Healthify Lives

Sathvik P,CEO
Sathvik P, CEO& Founder

It was during the time when Sathvik P was in his college, one of his friends met with an accident. He was completely unconscious and they were trying to take him to the hospital. Sadly, they couldn't reach for an ambulance because of lack of information and finally took him to the hospital. However, they didn't have enough money to get him admitted and cured. This incident moved Sathvik to address this problem. He zeroed in upon creating HealthOL, an online application where a huge range of emergency medical services are made online and handy.

HealthOL is India’s first online emergency healthcare service provider which was found and dedicatedly being working for the cause of healthifying lives. “We at HealthOL believe that quality health of an individual is the esteemed need of today’s country. We have made an online application where every minute problem of health is made handy and is on one tap. Simply we have made the whole hospital available at one tap,”informs Sathvik.

The unique application follows a three-page pattern that includes
Selection of Service, Confirm Service type and delivery,Final Booking Confirmation. “The purpose of doing so is to increase the adaptability of our application to a naive user. We are one of the operating solutions which work on all sorts of Emergency Healthcare Services,”he says. The company takes innovative steps in hospitality standards, providing users with the book now pay later and 24/7service, authentication of representatives by HealthOL Regulations Authority(HRA), materials used at the time of service.

"HealthOL is now a Startup India certified company which is approved by Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion"

It focuses on Emergency Healthcare (Ambulance Booking,Blood Bank, HealthOL Finance). Apart from emergency, it also has non-emergency services such as Nurse Booking, Medical Test Booking, Medicine Delivery, HealthOL Diet, Query Corner. “Using AI and ML, we are planning to customize customer profile based upon their search data and ordered data to provide them with related promotional offers. Due to these, people who are using our services religiously will get the benefit and can cut off unnecessary medical expenses. Our target audiences are working professionals, people who are new to the city, people who are in need of emergency healthcare,” he mentions.

HealthOL’s healthcare facility is made up of highly skilled medical
professionals who deeply value the patient’s health and well-being. The team takes immense pride in providing the community with high quality, patient-centric care and health education.“Proactive and preventative measures help keep our society healthier,and we work with that idea in mind,’he adds.

Towards a Bright Future
Since inception, HealthOL has been continuously working on Healthcare research in India. The company has tie-ups with customer known hospitals in their locality.“We aim to serve all the Metropolitan Cities in India by two years down the line. We are also planning to increase our workforce in the same locations and focus on creating awareness on Online Healthcare which could definitely result in the decrease of the death rate in India, ”Sathvik informs.

In no time, HealthOL has been receiving 10 orders/day and the team is deeply committed to scaling it up.The company houses 30 Nurses and 15 Lab Technicians with 15 Hospitals in its fleet. HealthOL is now a Startup India certified company which is approved by Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion. The company had presented itself in India Mobile Congress 2018 at Delhi this year. It also launched its android application at India Mobile Congress 2018. The app was launched Mr. Manoj Sinha, Minister of Minister of Communications and Minister of State, Railways in the Government of India.