Bigwigs Technologies: Customer Centric Flexible Servicing That Facilitates Advancement

  Vignesh Ragupathy,       ProprietorAccording to Stanford University’s annual AI Index report, India is the sixth leading country with the most AI investments. Though AI investment has declined globally since 2021, experts expect a revival due to the massive interest in generative AI products and OPENAI’s CHATGPT among enterprises and consumers. This has thus led to the massive growth of startups catering to different sectors while leveraging the prowess of AI and ML. An example of one such company is Tamil Nadu-based Bigwigs Technologies, a technology-enabled service organization in relentless pursuit of excellence, obsessed with customer centricity while focusing on continuous improvement and prudent cost management.

Bigwigs understand that data plays a crucial role in developing cutting-edge AI algorithms. "We take great pride in hiring the best annotators, as well as train them in their respective domains. Our annotators have worked closely with AI researchers and have annotated more than 100s of thousand of data in ‘Natural language processing’, ‘Image’, ‘Video’, ‘3D-LiDAR’, ‘Polygon’, ‘Segmentation’, ‘Line and Points’ and ‘Audio’ annotations. We pledged to offer the right first time quality in all our deliverables and ensure our customers save costs and get the best value for their money”, says Vignesh Ragupathy, Proprietor, Bigwigs Technologies.

Founded in 2013 with a crew of just Ten, Bigwigs is now a team of over 100 creative and experienced specialists. The company’s
talented employees are equipped to support changing technology and work flow requirements in the production, transformation, and distribution of its client’s print and digital assets. 50+ clients worldwide have partnered with the company to add value to their digital assets. “In our pursuit of increased efficiency, we have made significant investments in technology, process improvements, business continuity measures and achieved isms certification for data security”, shares Vignesh.

Bigwigs’ vision is to become the standard of excellence in customer services & inspire other brands to do the same

End-to-End Services
Bigwigs Technologies is a global leader in the services of AI and machine learning (Image 2D & 3D/ Video/DATA Annotations). ADAS (Vehicle Automation), Medical, Agriculture, Geospatial, Finance and Insurance, Retail, and Government are just a few of the industries the company works in. The company accepts both short and long-term individual and group projects.

“We've been in this business for a long time. Among our services are Services for image annotation, Bounding boxes, Annotation of polygons, Classification of images, Annotation of key points, Video annotation polyline annotation services, Services for text annotation, Services for image segmentation, Semantic segmentation, Services for 3D lidar annotation, 3D cuboid annotation lidar annotation, Services for sentiment analysis services for content moderation and Audio transcriptions and translations of data (english & tamil)”, says Vignesh. Besides, Bigwigs can provide high-quality (labeled/tagged) deliverables at reasonable prices and do everything possible to meet its client's delivery deadlines. Bigwigs follow a strong and forward-thinking corporate culture and have a team with one-of-a-kind products or pieces of knowledge. "We are known for our productivity and efficiency, customer service, scalability, and adaptability”, adds Vignesh.

Ahead of the Curve
Bigwigs’ vision is to become the standard of excellence in customer service and inspire other brands to do the same. It envisions providing the best services and using effective strategies to inspire and implement solutions to various business needs. “Our mission is to leverage our expertise in composite products to deliver high-quality services inspired by creativity and innovation. We dream to be the go-to BPO organization that tailors our services to match our client requirements in the most effective way”, concludes Vignesh.