Bike'n'Biker: Everything You Need for the Best Ride

Rakesh & Arjun,   Co-Founders

Rakesh & Arjun


The auto accessories market in India has long been unorganized. Ask a rider and you'll know the reality about the issues they face every day. Although we are a progressive nation, the aftermarket lacks `solutions' that address the specific needs and difficulties of Indian end-customers. Right from the age-old road infrastructure to improper maintenance, the riders encounter a lot. To make things worse, there are not many trusted one-stop vehicle accessory solutions providers that showcase account ability (per end-user).

As they say, 'necessity is the mother of invention,' four ardent riders launched Bike 'N' Biker(BnB) to address these challenges and cater to the exact needs of Indian bikers."In the past, we had challenging experiences from poor accessibility of parts to lesser choices, and more when buying riding related products for our bikes and personal selves. We learnt it on the ground and wanted to do something about it. Today, we wake up every morning with the desire to make shopping for biking needs less frustrating for our fellow riders", the Founders stated.

Addressing Major Pain Points
Sharing about the foundation of Bike 'N' Biker, co-founder Rakesh says, "When we got into motorcycling as a hobby, we noticed four major pain points in the Indian market. Firstly, the stock of products (parts, accessories, gear and many), availability at the right time, and limited choices for the products. The second aspect was unstable pricing on different platforms. The third factor was the lack of knowledge among the bike owners regarding the usage of the products. The last thing is the service segment that had poor knowledge of fitment and other services.

Recognizing these pain points, we decided to cater to the market by understanding what customers need. The business was built around a model to bridge that gap between what was available in the market and what the end-users actually need. Often, customers are not sure about what they want, and it is imperative that we help them understand what is ideal for their use; instead of just selling what we have. We have been extremely successful in creating such a consulting-based environment. It has been a win-win situation for us, our service partners and the end-users".

The Race of its Own
Having started in 2015 as a small retail brand in a garage, the firm eventually became Bike 'N' Biker in 2016. In the first year itself, the company broke even. Since then, there has been no looking back for Bike 'N' Biker. Today, the company has grown to become an integral part of many bikers' journeys. Despite the pandemic and restrictions on commuting, BnB witnessed more than 70 per cent growth year over year. It is the team's vision and endurance that procured the company's fame and fortune. A dream of four individuals, has now become a family of
talents working on the same vision of offering a seamless shopping experience to bikers.

The Bangalore-based company's focus has been laser-sharp on extreme quality in the deliverables. With a successful business model, the company is currently offering Superbike accessories, parts, consumables and products for riders. While 70 percent of its business is carried online, dealer networks and retail business are also part of BnB's business model. Off late, BnB has been associated with reliable vendors to make a wide variety of accessories and parts available for esteemed customers.It took days and nights of hard work, some amazingly fresh creative mindsets, prompt client services and right product curation to reach this level”, shares the co-founder, Rakesh, modestly.

on technology. Rakesh adds, "There is exceptional consultative approach in offering customer services with an equipped team of support agents. We focus on providing advice and solutions to customers for their biking needs in terms of fitment and other services with the best quality at optimum prices. Our people are ensured to be aware of the technology, they undergo a rigorous learning process. It is an extensively knowledge-based business that we follow, and it surely sets us apart and ahead".

Maintaining a long-standing consistency in quality, the firm provides what customers need with knowledge-driven consultation on products, fitting, fabrication, and more

What makes BnB even more special is the team's connectivity to clients. While the founders themselves are riders, they ensure that each member working with the brand are also bikers, so that they can relate to the mindset and necessity to provide the relevant solutions. "At BnB, we believe that if you take care of your employees, they'll take care of your customers. We follow a people first culture and respect every idea and thought of the employees", the founders exclaim, proudly.

Currently, BnB covers over 150 superbike accessories brands for motorcycling, from all over the world. Having accessibility and quick delivery at the core of its retention strategy, the company has become one of the most trusted retailers/e-retailers in the motorcycling industry. BnB believes in success through collaboration and has formed strong partnerships with promoters/dealers across the country to not only promote, but also resell their products to make more options easily available for customers.

Growth Phase Ahead
•Expanding the length and breadth of the business while focusing more on Rider Safety & Protection through smart products and innovative accessories
•Add more brands to the portfolio
•Look for much bigger warehouses catering to the demands
•Launch multiple hubs for distribution covering East, West, North, and South of India. The hubs will avoid delays in shipment.
•Set footprint in every major city
•Doubling the turnover by End of FY 2022-23
•A flagship outlet with everything a rider would need(both products & services)