BIOD ENERGY: Reinventing the Energy Future

Shiva Vig, Founder Siddharth Vig, Vice President,Aayush Pant, Head of Operations AseemMahindru, Head of Sales

Shiva Vig


Hundreds of business ideas and several innovations are sprouting in the modern world to develop nations and make lives better. But there are only a few ingenious brains that look into the future of the world and come up with solutions that could mark a revolution. Shiva Vig is one such few entrepreneurs who inclined his business journey towards renewable energy sources to resolve the universal issue of resource scarcity by producing the ground-breaking solution called biodiesel from used cooking oil.

As and when Shiva and his family decided to get into a new business, they concentrated on verticals that could create deep social impact. Shiva's primary ideas were to build a business model that could transform the oil and gas industry and bring about an impactful socio-economic reform in the nation and worldwide. After gaining a comprehensive understanding on the industrial aspects, he recognized that they were no player involved in producing fuel from kitchen grease or oil and also noticed the scenario of used oil getting back into the food chain. The entire existing market situation prompted him to conceptualize BIOD ENERGY- A brand that uses cooking oil to produces high efficient combustion fuel.

The company specializes in the eco-friendly manufacturing of combustible Bio Diesel. Its services allow the clients to dispose the used cooking oil through the efficient collection
and recycling infrastructure. Also, the model was created to be able to perform without contributing to water wastage or environmental harm. It is striving for the creation of a sustainable and cleaner tomorrow as biodiesel is prone to 70 per cent lesser carbon emission. "Our technological expertise, world-class oil processing plants and extensive experience give us the capacity to serve clients across a range of industrial and commercial sectors," says Shiva Vig, Founder.

BIOD ENERGY stands ahead in the market by sup-plying distilled biodiesel under certified norms. It is also the only brand that caters to winter-based biofuel. "While several brand's plants would be shut down during winters, we have adapted to technologies and equipment which helps us to operate even in winters," informs Shiva.

With over 130000 litres production of bio diesel on a daily basis, BIOD Energy has witnessed month-on-month turnover of INR 10Cr and aims to double the revenue in the year 2020

It uses state of the art technology and machinery to convert a multitude of waste products into a clean combustible fuel AKA (BIO-DIESEL) with the aim to reduce India's dependence on fossil fuels and secondly to leave behind a cleaner nation for the future generations.

The journey began by collecting 10 liters of used oil a day and now it has multiplied multi-folds portraying the business scale. Operating in several states like Delhi, UP, Haryana, Rajasthan & Punjab the company is producing around 130000 liters of biodiesel on a daily basis.

Currently focusing on the B2B model, BIOD targets major verticals that are completely driven by diesel such as mining, cement manufacturing, and others. It is also supplying products to vendors such as Bharat Petroleum, Indian Oil companies, and others. Eying the future, it is looking forward to entering the B2C market by operating Biodiesel pumps in the upcoming days.

The company is housing 200 expert professionals on-board. In the short span of operations, it has grown to a brand that witnesses INR 10Cr turnover every month. Scaling up to heights, it is looking forward to doubling the profit margin with its Dubai plant which is right now under construction. With all the umpteen efforts, BIOD ENERGY wants to grab the market by exponentially increasing the production capacity.