Biostrap: Making Health Management a Little Easier

Sameer  Sontakey,CEOBiostrap, a wearable device platform was born out of a desire to deliver a consumer wearable dedicated to provide insights geared towards total health. The concept of bringing this into the health arena sparked Sameer Sontakey, a computer science professional when he suffered an extensive weight loss of more than 65 pounds in the year 2010. It deeply affected his health, fitness & lifestyle as a whole but at the same time it depicted a life changing event for him. As it is said, whatever happens; happens for a reason. A similar case took place with him. Health thereafter became a great passion for him. Realizing that health is a great matter of concern in one’s life, Sameer decided to bring an element of benefit for all. Therefore, down the line uniting his passions- ‘technology & health’, he plunged into the heath device segment in order to make an impact in people’s lives.

Innovated with data & machine learning to deliver the most accurate activity and wellness tracking, Biostrap aims to make health management a little easier. Understanding that people generally seek for huge value, the
company introduced a wearable meant for all age groups. “People generally look for some thing that can deliver insightful information on health tracking. Fore seeing that Heart Rate Variability (HRV) biometrics has gained significant attention as it says a lot about the abilities to handle stress we came up with products that measures & tracks biometric data, vitals, HRV, blood oxygen fluctuation and more with keeping a track on their workouts,” speaks Sameer Sonta key, CEO, Biostrap.

Biostrap uses clinical-quality sensor data to not only show heart rate, but also how ready one is for the day at the physiologically level

Highly Defined In-depth Wearable Platform
Helping the fitness enthusiasts to balance their health sphere, Biostrap uses clinical-quality sensor data to not only show heart rate, but also how ready one is for the day at the physiologically level. Started off in 2016 with the whole idea to develop a wearable device that essentially measures physiology in a more clinical setting & research analysis, Biostrap has two products, one is Wrist band and the other is Shoe Clip. Focused on three genres viz. – ‘Activity Classification, Automatic Cardio Classification & Building a Custom Exercise Library’, Biostrap’s machine learning algorithm detects & analyzes repetitive activities,
classifies them automatically, quantifies their reps, duration along with predicting their future workout deliverables. Being a consumer product company, the device is also deployed by doctors and clinicians to monitor their patients.

Captivating value prospects with a different functional mechanism, it utilizes a clinical quality Photoplethys mogram (PPG) sensor that allows the users to gather & analyze extremely precise raw heartbeat data. Elaborating on it, Sameer mentions, “Most wearable utilizes a very basic PPG sensor that captures heart rate during moderate activity. Our system hereby is different. Instead of checking pulse at all times we capture high-fidelity raw PPG wave forms.” He adds, “Our clinical grade PPG sensor captures over 2,000 heartbeats whereby a single beat is analyzed for 29 different parameters for driving better results.”

San Francisco headquartered Biostrap with having an office in Nagpur tends to be the most well-rounded & in-depth wearable platform. The company with 20 member team has been able to attract thousands of users with validating their metrics through continuous improvised accuracy, reliable on high-quality data. Elucidating on future plans, Sameer concludes, “As an AI & Machine Learning based platform, we want to create a data site with the inclusion of newer versions of sensors.You can expect to see more wearable sensors incorporated as part of the platform in an effort to collect more contextualized data.”