Blemot Automobile Technology: Aspiring To Be A Trailblazer In The Ev Segment

Ayush Sachan,  Head - Design Engineering,  Alok Mishra, Head - Production

Ayush Sachan, Head - Design Engineering

Alok Mishra, Head - Production

The EV landscape in India is currently at an infant stage where traditional automobile companies are still struggling to adapt to the new demand. This opened up new opportunities for innovation and outof-box thinking, led by emerging minds and young demography. People have also started realizing the welfare and opportunities of electric vehicle industry compared to fossil fuel-based automobile commute setup. Blemot Automobile Technology is a pioneering business organization making impressive strides in the Indian EV segment.

Blemot, which stands for Blue Earth Mobility is an Indian start-up (DIPP) registered innovative DigiTech company that indigenously designs & manufactures India’s first highly advanced data-driven digital, three wheeled electric vehicles which is based on dual motor technology. This is also a multi-role EV for any kind of utility mobility and logistics application. Blemot cracked the price to technology barrier & delivered an affordable IP protected design & technology, that too utilizing highly advanced Lithium-ion battery.

Combining Innovative Technologies with User-Friendliness
Blemot has identified a gap in three-wheeler technology that misses to deliver the market demands and implemented design thinking to come up with its uniquely designed digital three-wheeler EV named T-34 which is a L5N category ICAT certified EV. Blemot’s value philosophy commits to deliver trust in utility mobility with safety, opportunity, & happiness for its customers and riders as well as in totality to the society.
Blemot envisions to see a pollution-free & happy planet, with a persistent mission to continuously evolve and produce high performing intelligent EVs for sustainable future. The company is working toward building a global brand and a digital EV technology company from India, as well as setting a benchmark in the Made in India EV segment. Blemot currently offers its digital three-wheeler EV brand T-34 which provides highly customizable carry spaces making it capable of catering to the requirements of a multitude of customers. It is India’s first ergonomically designed three-wheeler EV with comfortable box seat.

Besides targeting to be a Digi-Tech leader in the EV ecosystem globally, Blemot's core vision is to make a social impact by enabling maximum productivity increase to its consumers in terms of monetary & health

The product also gives major emphasis on safe & secure transportation as well as increased pickup capacity. Adding more about the product, Ayush Sachan, Head of Design Engineering says, “Our vehicle fits in the middle of available solutions, which is from approximately 40-50 kg cargo carry on two-wheeler to approximately 500 kg cargo carry on tempo design three-wheeler vehicles. T-34 offers 150-200 kg capacity and equivalent volume of 1000 liter. The vehicle offers a safe and comfortable drivability, with agility and flexibility similar to a twowheeler vehicle and safety and comfort equivalent to a three-wheeler vehicle. This is India’s first digital vehicle where you have all the vehicle and cargo data available for analytics and optimization”.

Blemot’s T-34 flawlessly proved its capabilities in numerous testing, and currently Blemot is engaged with prominent e-Commerce companies to transform their first and last mile operations, provide digital connectivity and open up opportunities for female and rural riders. The market is very much convinced with the performance of T-34 and has opened up to transform the existing delivery setup to T-34 fleet based setup. Evolving with the changing times, Blemot is rigorously working towards customer acquisition and predominantly targets both B2B and B2C market segments along with building up business capabilities Pan-India and internationally.

Besides targeting to be a Digi-Tech leader in the EV ecosystem globally, Blemot's core vision is to make a social impact by enabling maximum productivity increase to its consumers in terms of monetary & health. At the same time, Blemot also focuses to build trust and promise with the three Pillar Strategy of Trust, Value of Money, and Customer Delight which will ensure consistent customer success, experience with happiness & peace of mind.