Blockchain Solutions Network: Reaping the Potential Growth Opportunities Offered By Blockchain Technology Segment

Shailesh Rajput,  Co-founder & CTO

Shailesh Rajput

Co-founder & CTO

During the forecast period of 2022 to 2030, the market for Blockchain technology is anticipated to increase at a compound annual growth rate of 85.9%, reaching USD 1,431.54 billion, as per reports by Grand View Research. The expansion of venture capital investment for blockchain technology startups is responsible for the market expansion. Additionally, the market is anticipated to be driven by the expanding adoption of contactless blockchain digital ticketing at various events. Incorporated in 2020, Blockchain Solutions Network is a product and service based business that is enthusiastic and eager to excel in the blockchain industry. By bringing a new level of transparency, efficiency, and automation into organizations the company uses the power of Blockchain technology to address realworld issues.

Blockchain Solutions Network enthusiasms for the technology was sparked by blockchain’s capabilities to assist manage contracts, decrease compliance costs, accelerate data transfer processing, audit origin, and more. Involving thoroughly in this, Blockchain Solutions Network gradually delved more deeply into the technological developments and fresh potential that the fintech and blockchain industries had to offer.

A Gamut of Solutions
Blockchain Technology is still in the infancy stage and is going to be massive. As such, many governmental and private entities diving into this space. It is also projected that blockchain would soon become a core driver
offering many opportunities, technological advancements, jobs, and much more. Further, more industries are now assessing how blockchain can enhance its benefits. “As an eminent blockchain technology provider, we act as a catalyst to help our clients adopt blockchain technology widely. We help them with Blockchain-based products, services, smart contracts, and Fintech applications,” says Shailesh Rajput, Co-founder and CTO. Serving multiple governmental entities and partnering with multiple Crypto platforms, the firm is providing a ton of services to its clients across the world.

As an eminent blockchain technology provider, we act as a catalyst to help our clients adopt blockchain technology widely

The firm offers a variety of solutions, usage, and services including Consulting & Proof of Concept, New Blockchain for Public/Private, building Defi, Blockchain P2P Lending Platform,DApp, NFT & Marketplace, Decentralized Exchange, Hyperledger Applications, Staking Platforms, New Crypto Coin/Token and BTC. All of these revolve around the implementation of core blockchain technology. Blockchain Solutions Network identifies as blockchain agnostic, which is a basic value proposition of blockchain solutions. They evaluate their clients' key problems and suggest the optimal blockchain solution for them in their capacity as a One-Stop solutions provider, whether it be a private hyperledger or a public blockchain.

Further, the firm also formulates initial business value propositions; creates blockchain network databases; identifies, defines, and solves technical problems related to scalability, privacy, security, and operational demands and creates smart contracts. With our experience as one of the nation's leading firms, the team has worked with companies like Binance, Transak, Chainalysis, Simplex, Veriff, Ondato, Jumio, to name a few.

Future Expansion Goals
Immutability, Tokenization, Decentralization, Distribution, and Encryption are the five components that make up a true blockchain solution, and harnessing them is the aim for the future. The company is prepared to ride this wave as the blockchain business grows. “We are working on Smart Contracts, introducing blockchain adoption in identity management, and the interoperability sector. Our next targets are energy, real estate, land registry, and housing sectors,” adds Shaliesh Rajput, Co-founder and CTO. The company is also working on cutting-edge blockchain technology for industries including Supply Chain, Insurance, Healthcare, Identity Management, Reviews & rating management, Music, Agriculture, Advertising, Journalism & Content.