Blue Ribbon Advisory Services: Delivering Personalised Financial Solutions to Transform Businesses

  Ritesh Garg,    Founder

Ritesh Garg


In a world dominated by numbers and agile solutions, it’s easy to overlook that success in business is really about relationships”, says Ritesh Garg, Founder of Blue Ribbon Advisory Services. Blue Ribbon Advisory Services consulting firm is a brainchild of Ritesh and his founding partner, Deepak Bharti. The journey to becoming the global entity that it is today started out of a small office in a co-working space. With an aim to fix the increasing complexities in businesses, the duo laid the foundation of Blue Ribbon in 2017. “We are not just an advisory services provider, but a partner to the new age ventures, a boutique consulting firm catering primarily to startups", says Deepak. The firm has extensive experience across a range of industries, market segments, and geographical corridors with shorter decision making chains, more senior personnel involvement, and empowered client services teams, the firm is able to operate in a coordinated way and respond with agility.

“With every client we serve, we aim to listen to and truly understand the people behind the number so we can help them reach their goal. That’s what Blue Ribbon Advisory Services is all about”, adds Ritesh. Keeping up with the agenda ‘Quality is the priority’, the partners and team of the firm strive to maintain at all times the highest professional standards of independence, integrity, ethics, and objectivity. Blue Ribbon services always aim at imparting the optimal blend of expertise to every assignment with an objective to develop tailor made solutions for its clients. Blue Ribbon’s devoted professional team has carved a dissemble niche for itself in the professional services industry.

Helping Startups Achieve their Goal
Blue Ribbon Services provides a one stop solution to its clients. The company excels in providing services in India as well as in major economies, globally. These services include strategic planning, risk management, assurance, taxation, regulatory compliance, due diligence, fundraising and stock exchange listing, and wealth management for promoters. The company has partnered with various legal firms, merchant bankers, and consultants in India as well as internationally to provide all its services under one roof. “Our flagship offering is partnering with our client and assisting them to develop, expand and
provide the promoters a healthy exit”, adds Deepak.

Due to the dynamic and complex nature of the current global economy, businesses face enormous challenges and need to be quick with decision making. The team at Blue Ribbon well understands this and hence helps its clients establish clear goals to become data driven and achieve verifiable progress by identifying the starting place, obstacles, and potential. “We do not follow a one-size-fits-all strategy, we do not just limit ourselves to the scope of work initially agreed upon, but do what is right for the client and prepare to cater to the problems that may arise in the future. We offer cross-country and cross culture support to the clients at a price which does not pinch the startups”, says Ritesh.

Blue Ribbon services always aim at imparting the optimal blend of expertise to every assignment with the object of development, partial & tailor-made solutions for its clients

Sighting an example of a success story accomplished, Deepak said, “The company once onboarded a client who was into packaging products manufacturing with negative net worth and on the verge of bankruptcy. The team at Blue Ribbon took the operations and finance into its hands and within a period of 12 months transformed its business, and was then able to sell the company for $4 mm".Besides Blue Ribbon has accompanied various clients to the investor meetings, and helped them raise funds and negotiate better valuations for their company. Further, it has helped many domestic based companies expand to international markets through organic routes as well as by acquiring existing companies.

Onward & Upward
Since its foundation, the founding partners of Blue Ribbon have been clear about the changing dynamics of the business, and how the new age ventures were becoming more agile and dynamic. They were therefore ready for the many challenges that came along in the past six years. “We have been learning and consulting amidst these challenges. We are focused on delivering practical customized solutions”, adds Ritesh.

The major advantage the clients at Blue Ribbon have is because of its capability to deliver practical solutions and end-to-end advisory services that are customized by its financial and business experts based on the nature, size, and diversity of any given business.

Presently, alongside India, Blue Ribbon has a presence in UAE, the UK, and Switzerland. The company is currently partnering with more law firms, and wealth managers in multiple jurisdictions to grow the client portfolio as well as offer more services, all under one roof. “Our growth parallels the growth of our client. We are working on creating an ecosystem for consultants where we all can mutually share our services with each other. We are planning to go for an M&A strategy for ourselves to expand faster in International markets”, concludes Deepak.