Blueberry Semiconductor: Infinite Possibilities!

Nitin Naik,CEO
Nitin Naik, CEO

The semiconductor industry across the globe has evolved and transformed itself with each passing year. This sector has undergone a huge transition in terms of scientific innovation, complexity of design, business models and more. In addition there is a great demand on quality, productivity and cost reduction. To march pace with the changing scenario, there was a lot needed to be taken care of - be it in terms of elegantly converting the “Idea to Silicon” or understanding true needs of customers and provide bespoke solution. Moreover, a dire need to create an ‘Industry Ready’ talent pool and further, leverage their ability to apply innovation to anything & everything was the need of the hour.

This is exactly what caught the attention of Nitin Naik and Team, the industry veterans with over years of experience in the semiconductor & system domains.“While working with some of the large MNCs and leading service companies in the hardware space, we realised the services focusing on the niche technology is the future. Also now it is becoming feasible and mandatory as well to push major part of
software solution into silicon for
the obvious advantage, and that is where a rich knowledge of System level design gives edge. Foreseeing all this, we decided to invest our years of experience and venture into a technology start-up company, Blueberry Semiconductors,” says Nitin Naik, CEO.

"In a short span of six months Blueberry has acquired projects from Israel, Asia Pacific regions and has set up an office at Yokohama in Japan"

Bangalore headquartered Blueberry Semiconductor is a start-up designed with an exclusive focus on Very Large Scale Integration(VLSI)Design and Verification domain. Prior to establishing Blueberry Semiconductor, the founders have a successful proven track record of incubating and growing business units. Their first venture, Orange Semiconductor successfully earned recognition in the area of ASIC/SOC verification and IOT. Later on, it was sold off to MosChip Semiconductor Technology Pvt. Ltd. in the year 2016.

Service. Support. Satisfaction.
With emanating success from making high impact, on-time intuitive decisions to anticipating the future needs with greater accuracy, Blueberry Semiconductor has mastered the art of building a platform and counts Kaizen, accountability and customer satisfaction as the key business fundamentals.

A celebrated name in the
technology company space, Blueberry offers tech-oriented services in semiconductor domain with special focus on ASIC/ System on a Chip(SoC) Design Verification, Analog Design & Layout, and Product Engineering. Solution to every customer requirement is well researched and executed with customised methodology, even creating specific re-usable IPs if needed. Thus company helps customer to develop quality product at a reasonable cost and optimum schedule. Mentioning on the implementation of multiple technologies and foundry interface, Nitin avers, “We are creating a framework of innovative IPs and Intuitive tools for SoC design verification to reduce design cycle timeline.”

Addressing the shortage of an ‘Industry Ready’ talent pool, the company has designed unique orientation projects that enable young engineers to quickly learn & acquire experience and become ready for typical customer projects. During this period each engineer is mentored individually for both technical and soft skills.

The Vision Ahead
In a short span of six months, Blueberry has acquired projects from Israel, Asia Pacific regions and has set up an office at Yokohama in Japan. Looking forward as a contributor in the Make in India Campaign, the company has partnered with the Indian Defence Force to meet up their requirements. By 2022, Blueberry Semiconductor envisions being a 100 million dollar Indian tech company.