BlueTickVR: A Deep Tech Start-Up by IIT Alumni with Core Expertise in Virtual Reality

Vikrant Singh,Founder & CEO

Vikrant Singh

Founder & CEO

It's important to carry out the very best of new technology when bringing it into every industry, the low visual quality of most VR creators' content is a major flaw that makes the experience less appealing and engaging. The underlying reason for this is that 3D content needs a lot of processing power to run smoothly on standalone hardware. An exclusive optimization algorithm provided by BlueTick VR allows them to provide life-like beautiful VR experiences on any standalone device (VR Headset, Smartphone/Laptop). So it's never a trade-off between visual quality and functionality.

BlueTick VR is a deep tech start-up established by IIT alumni in 2019, with a focus on Virtual Reality (VR). The company allows developers to go beyond brochures and walkthrough videos to promote their forthcoming properties using a cutting-edge Virtual Reality experience. Vikrant Singh, Founder & CEO of BlueTick VR says, "We allowed our clients to go beyond 2D screens and fully ex-press themselves in a 3D world in the form of a walk able interactive experience. Our virtual reality tours allow customers to experience upcoming properties at their true scale and size, and create an emotional bond with the property in just a few minutes, allowing them to say - Yes, this might be my future home!"

Significant Market Forces
The most important aspect of virtual reality is that it allows you to be somewhere else without really being there. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, remote collaboration has become a must-have across industries, unlike before.
Further, Vikrant Singh adds, "So the need for people to communicate and engage remotely is one of the key driving forces behind the increasing adoption. And we very quickly understood that to enable builders with collaborative capabilities, we have to go beyond creating immersive environments and facilitate real-time communications and collaborations between multiple users within these environments.

That has driven us to release our VR collaboration platform CONVERSE, meaning `Conversations in VR'! The product was born less from our intuition and more from insights shared by scores of our Real estate Clients. As site visits dried up during the pandemic, builders across the country got in line to make Virtual Tours to engage customers right from their homes."

Growth Journey
BlueTick VR started proper sales from November'19 and was drowned in over a dozen projects back to back. Later on, within a few months, the lockdown was implemented due to the pandemic scenario, and the entire industry went into damage-control mode. BlueTick VR soon realized that their approach needed to expand beyond the headset to allow interactive interaction for a much larger audience now sitting at home. BlueTick VR was able to recreate the same beautiful experience on web-based VR only a few months later, their 'right thing at the right time' moment provided a great solution to their clients.

VR had evolved from an aspirational product to the go-to product for engaging the tens of thousands of home buyers who were stuck at home. Over 110 builders have been empowered with Virtual Tours in the last year alone, and we are proud partners with some of the best Real Estate brands in the world.

Going forward, BlueTick VR has planned to penetrate deeper into the industry and to onboard at least 250 more builders this year. "We also plan to grow into international markets, as we are confident that with the quality of our architectural designs and comprehensive technology stack, we can provide value to developers and architects all over the world. In terms of technical skills, we're actively investing in our Converse platform and adding a slew of new features to strengthen our product offerings.