Boltt Sports Technologies: Personal Health Coach

Arnav Kishore,Founder & CEO

Arnav Kishore

Founder & CEO

Noida based Boltt Sports Technologies, a platform in wearable technology space evolved out of the ideas of a bunch of techies & fitness freaks brimming with the passion & purpose to create an innovative wearable solution for health, fitness & lifestyle. With time, the health & wellness of an individual has been influenced by numerous factors such as the change in lifestyle, health issues, enhanced awareness, &others. This growing concern not only led the consumers to pursue a healthy way of life but also diverted their attention towards lifespan. Thus, this brought a new age of wearable technology devices, adding more to the existing gyms and fitness clubs. The market then started to get flooded with products and apps that were able to cater piece-meals. Hence, noticing the dire need of a brand that provides the masses with comprehensive health and fitness solutions at an affordable cost along with popularizing selfcare, Boltt Sports Technologies came into the picture.

Boltt, brainchild of Arnav Kishore, a fitness and gadget enthusiast, speaks, “We are committed to bring the best-connected technology and enable our smart
solutions around health,fitness & sports performance to guide millions of users to unlock their true potential and encourage Indian and U.S. people to opt for self-driven fitness mediums to enhance health & lifestyle.”

With technologically advanced products imbibed with Data Science & AI, Bolttnot only motivate users to lead a fitter & healthier life but also helps them understand their body better

Advancing the Realms of Connected Technology
Touted to empower health, fitness & lifestyle, Boltt caters products & solutions with solving problems for the next generation. With technologically advanced wearable products imbibed with Data Science& AI such as the Boltt Smart-Bands, Stride Sensors, Smart Shoes and the App, it not only motivates users to lead a fitter & healthier life but also helps them understand their body better. Realizing that data alone is not enough to render expected outcomes, the company through its AI interface converts data collected into actionable insights & recommendations. The Health & Fitness App consist of features like Boltt Health, Boltt Fitness, Weight Loss Programmes, AI Voice Coaching& Personalised health feedback – leveraged on data tracked on daily basis with endurance to workouts, sleep, nutrition & more. “Our products are first of its kind in the market. Right from conceptualizing,
developing the products to testing, to implementation & marketing, we through our constant innovation &learning prospects have taken the brand to a whole new level,” avers Arnav.

Pin pointing its unique sports technological dashboard, ‘Specialized Sports Performance (SSP),’ Arnav mentions, “This extraordinary concept is beneficial for both the coach & the sports person. While the coaches can monitor the team’s performance better and receive the detailed analysis of the training session, the sportsmen/athletes can improve their performance by referring to the detailed reports that are generated on a day to day basis pertaining to performance, diet /nutrition, and fitness.” He further adds, “We are trying to revolutionize the training & performance mechanism of the Indian athletes/sportsmen in the best possible way.”

Innovating Better Products & Solutions
Boltt, since its inception, has been working towards ensuring quality determined by international standards. Experiencing growth in numerous aspects with a team of 83 professionals, backed by VC funding & Angel investors and having an expert panel that provides insights on the market trends for innovating better products, Boltt at present has a user base of 100,000 across the globe. Fortifying the industry demands that seeks for more innovation in the wearable arena, Arnav concludes, “As of now we are available online in most of the countries and are looking forward to more & more markets. We have chartered our success plan in such a manner that it not only benefits the company but also the users.”