Bonvive: Online Medical Assistance at its Best

 Vivek.k.bhanushali,   Chairman & Managing director

Vivek.k. bhanushali,Chairman & Managing director

The healthcare app market illustrates a huge potential in the coming years. The industry, at present, is fast changing and there are new innovations every day. The key for organizations to succeed in such a scenario is to develop nimble solutions that not only areeasily adaptable to technology, government regulations, and new research but also are innovative and promising. Mumbai-based Bonvive was formed with the same credence by Vivek K. Bhanushali with the vision of bringing affordable, credible healthcare service across towns and villages in India.

Blending in the required mix of the latest technology and conventional work ethics, the company is built on a firm legacy of experience and quality. “I was born and raised in Mumbai. My father started his business from scratch from Mumbai, which is a big spice manufacturing company here. After my engineering, besides managing my family business, I started cold storage and
warehousing business which is today a flourishing business. With Bonvive, I ventured in a completely new field. My experience in managing legacy as well as start-up earlier was very helpful in my new venture,” says Vivek.

"MMA serves as a one-stop platform for individuals, families and corporates to receive illness or wellness services at their doorstep"

The Ideation behind My Medi Assistant
The idea of developing a healthcare app was much inspired by perceiving the common healthcare issues that people of every age encounter. Especially for aged people, there might be sudden needs to avail medical services. This made Vivek think on developing an app that would be credible, accessible to all and most importantly, provide end to end healthcare solution.

MMA serves as a one-stop platform for individuals, families and corporates to receive illness or wellness services at their doorstep. It provides the right experience for the doctors as well as users. The app makes it convenient for doctors to schedule their appointments, maintain records of their patient’s history. The users, on the other hand, can avail end to end service - right from finding a doctor to video counselling, requesting for tests or booking medical service professionals. Patients can avail the video call facility to have a face to face conversation with the doctor and also chat via the app for 7days post-consultation. The
App ensures the safety of patient information and records and can be viewed only via the consent of the user. “We are committed to continuous improvement. We will keep upgrading the platform to enhance the convenience and add more features that enable healthier living in the geographies we serve. Currently, the services are available in the geography of Mumbai and Navi Mumbai,” he informs.

What’s Next?
Committed to continuously evolve, Bovive, over the years, has carved a niche in the industry. Unlike most start-ups, Vivek has invested significant time and energy on building sound workplace policies, scalable organization structure, formal recruitment procedures and human resource information systems. “This structure has not only enabled me to hire the right talent but also has endowed with the ability to quickly scale the business needs,” he mentions.

In the coming years, the company aims to provide access to good medical services at affordable prices across India. This platform could be used to provide employment opportunities in rural areas as well. “We are continuously striving for innovating newer technologies that include hardware, software and breakthroughs in medical fields globally. Also, we are looking forward to collaborating with the right people to ensure that we reach to every nook and corners of the country,” he concludes.