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Nitya Anand,Founder & Director

Nitya Anand

Founder & Director

The advancement of immersive technologies like AR, VR, and mixed reality is likely to have profound implications for patent prosecution a more complex ecosystem will likely create new IP issues and even prompt some reflection on whether the law might be fit for purpose. While these doctrinal questions will probably be hashed out in copyright and trademark disputes, the technologies which enable these experiences will increasingly be considered suitable for patent protection. Companies that pay to play in this arena will have to consider immersive IP as a wholly distinct and unique part of their overall strategic effort.

Boolean IP Consulting, one of the award-winning & quality leading Intellectual Property (IP)firms, provides comprehensive, competitive, and cost-effective IP solutions to corporates, law firms, institutions, and inventors. Boolean IP helps to create, protect, manage and monetize intellectual property. By pulsing artificial intelligence with human intelligence, they deliver the highest quality solutions on time, every time.

We focus on providing actionable results and not just hourly rate based reports. Clarity, accuracy, and comprehensiveness the hallmarks of our reports ensure to add maximum value & efficiency to decision making for our clients. We maintain transparency in project execution and follow agile communication during the project cycle. We strictly follow delivery timelines, and since inception, we have never missed a project deadline", stated Nitya Anand, Founder & Director, Boolean IP. Nitya is a seasoned IP professional who brings around a decade long experience in intellectual property research. He possesses extensive knowledge in IP research, patent portfolio creation and management, infringement litigation, prosecution, licensing and monetization, patent opposition, patent due diligence, and technology valuation. He has worked with leading multinational corporations and law firms. His practice focuses on patent invalidation, product clearance, patentability assessment, patent watch, patent drafting, infringement assessment, EOU charts, and technology valuation.

Finest Quality of Services for all IP Engagement
Nowadays, most clients are either stuck in patent infringement lawsuits or are looking for ways to protect and maximize the ROI for their intellectual property. Boolean IP listens to and understands the customers' operational challenges and accordingly designs solutions following an iterative and
data driven approach. To help their clients, they have best selling services, including patent Infringer identification, infringement prevention, patent invalidation, patent portfolio mining, and technology landscaping. Boolean IP follows an iterative and data driven approach where they work as a team, and the client is also a part of that team. The client stays in the loop with the project updates for any modifications if needed. Another main challenge of this industry is data security/confidentiality and quality complacency. Boolean IP is very sensitive towards data security and uses various tools/processes to ensure confidentiality.

We focus on providing actionable results and not just hourly rate based reports. Clarity, accuracy, and comprehensiveness the hallmarks of our reports ensure to add maximum value & efficiency to decision making for our clients. We strictly follow delivery schedule, and since inception, we have never missed a project deadline

"With more than 50,000 hours of quality services delivered, Boolean IP is equipped with a robust team of multi domain experts and state-of-the-art tools to deliver valuable and risk-mitigating results. We help corporates, institutions and inventors in managing their valuable IP Rights and ensuring that their IP portfolios are protected, maintained and regularly reviewed for optimized value. Working consistently in sync with our clients, we ensure they get the best information on which to base their IP decisions, and the best support to help them implement those decisions. We envision on being a single hub for providing end to end solutions for all your IP needs", added Nitya.

Future Plans
Boolean IP celebrates the uniqueness of its clients and takes pride in customizing services to help achieve their unique end objective. They use the industry's most acceptable data sources for their research work. The firm often takes the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning based tools, but these are only used to complement the efforts of their experienced experts. And that's why the firm has worked with more than 60clients across the globe and has an established international clientele in the US, Europe, and Canada. Boolean IP works with many IAM1000 law firms, patent asserting firms, start ups, and some technology companies. Recently, they worked for a Germany based semiconductor blue chip company on a technology landscape and infringement prevention. Additionally, the company looks forward to expanding its portfolio by providing services to students/researchers at universities and educational institutions in the coming years. They aim at collaborating with both government and nongovernment educational organizations in India and abroad.

Furthermore, with such exceptional services in every engagement, Boolean IP has successfully raised its revenue by more than 35 percent in the last financial year (despite a few setbacks due to COVID). Moreover, in the future, the company aspires to become a trusted brand globally for intellectual property consultancy and to partner with clients for a long tenure. The company is looking forward to making a presence in Asia Pacific markets and Indian startup hub. They want to workwith small businesses to provide them with affordable but quality services while also educating them about intellectual property.