Brifly: A Short News Aggregator App Providing More News In Less Words To Youth

Krishan Roy, Founder & CEO,Sachin Tantry, Co-Founder & Mentor

Krishan Roy, Founder & CEO

Sachin Tantry, Co-Founder & Mentor

Innovation and technological advancement have turned the whole world into a global village. While it has helped the cultural, language and historical barriers vanish slowly, it also has made information move faster. Nowadays, at any given time, we have too much information to swallow. However, even information is always evolving and at the end of the day, it’s the people’s demand that detects the process. Nowadays, People, in their busy schedule, hardly have time to go through the whole article in order to get an idea about the incident or piece of information.

Keeping the ever evolving demand for information in mind, Krishan Roy and Sachin Tantry have come up with their app based news firm, Brifly. A short news aggregator app, Brifly is where you can find the content in the shortest, crispest and easiest manner. Instead of views, the focus at Brifly is more on the news, designed to be delivered in a more simplified and easier to consume way. The app is created by a group of youths with an aim to cater only to the youths with a lot of technical innovations being a part of it.

The Inception Story
Krishan has worked as a reporter and writer at various organizations such as The Hindu, ANN News, The New Indian Express, and so on. Whereas, Sachin is a media professional

and Startup mentor with an overall 17 years of industry experience and 11 years of experience as a media professor. In fact, Krishan was one of Sachin’s students during his stint as a media professor.

Our content is basically refining, reusing, and recycling the content that has already been provided, and give it in a very crisp and attractive manner

During his college days, Krishan, along with his colleagues, used to read the same news in different newspapers as part of his assignment which made him realize that even though the story used to be the same, all of the newspapers used to have their individual perspective and opinions. So he thought of presenting news in a more simplified and straightforward way without those added masalas to it and that’s how Brifly was founded. While Krishan founded the organization, Sachin initially joined as a mentor and later became a co-founder of the organization as his involvement got deeper.

Providing the 3S Experience
Coming to the application, as a Short News Aggregator app, Brifly has implemented the 3S experience where the 3 S’s are short, summary, and story. A Short is basically the highlight of the news within 20 words. In case the user wants to know a little more details, he/she can opt for a summary which is basically the story with some more details within 70 words. Even after the summary, if the user is now interested to get into the details, he/she can opt for the story where the news will be provided in a more detailed manner. As the focus is more on youth, the content on Brifly is more positive and inspirational. Even the app is customized based on the user searches and provides a list of 15-20 categories to users and based on the user selection, fills up the selected category-based news in their time line.

Presently, Brifly is focused on attracting more users and getting more downloads than earning more revenues. While the app has a strong user base in metro cities across India, the firm is planning to attract more user base in other non metro and tier-2, tier-3 cities by adding multiple regional language support. While, presently, the app supports English and Hindi, there are plans to include Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, and Marathi as the language options. In the long run Brifly intends to be present in major international languages.