Separator A blend of Modern Design, Classic Materials & 3D Printing

Siddhesh Naik,Founder
Siddhesh Naik, Founder

The Indian designs and handicrafts have always been the cornerstone of the art and culture of the country. However, in recent years, the Indian design market seems to be highly dominated by imported products. One reason for this is that the businesses in India are judged on their scale of operations and the volume of production. This thought process has completely taken the quality aspect aback. On the contrary, it is believed that the country possesses a potential market for high-end quality products. The products that cannot be produced by truckloads are capable of bringing in high quality, low volume products and still generate similar revenue when compared to international brands.

Identifying the gap that requires to be bridged in order to meet the end demand for high-quality products, brittle. design came into being. “Our focus lies in higher quality and complexity of the designs. Rather than producing what already exists in the market, we are here to create a new and
unique market driven by distinctive products, ”says Siddhesh Naik,Founder,

"Since inception, has grown significantly and currently ships its products to 15+ countries worldwide"

The company is the brainchild of Siddhesh, a fine art graduate, and a 3D artist with several years of experience in designing & 3D Printing. The inception idea of evolved out of the founder’s personal interest intraditional art and technology. Siddhesh’s love for ceramics, metalwork and woodwork eventually led him to develop a process by using these materials with 3D printing and come up with something exceptional. In the process, what he found was that the existing technology was not mass-production friendly. That’s when he came up with a new process by combining the classic materials with the latest technology, which was cost-effective and eco-friendly in nature. Finally, after two years of experimentation and process development, came into being.

Creating Extraordinary Designs
Goa-based is a new breed of design studio that combines modern design, classic materials and latest technology. The designs are nature inspired wherein the process involved is based on biodegradable /recyclable materials which have
a low impact on the environment.

Team accepts the challenge of'difficult-to-make’ designs every timeit adds a new design to its product pipeline. Siddhesh asserts, “What makes us a unique design studio is that right from conceptualisation till finalization of the product, everything is done in-house and yet, we are more of an artist’s studio than just a factory. Our passion encourages us to create a contemporary and original design and develop an ‘artist to art-lover’relationship with the esteemed customers.”

The company connects directly with the end users. Currently, creates and supplies ceramic home decor products such as vases and sculptures. The target audience includes architects, interior decorators, and all interested in buying something unique and beautiful for their home or for a gifting purpose.

Since inception, has grown significantly and currently ships its products to 15+ countries worldwide. The company is backed by the Economic Development Corporation Limited(EDC)Goa under Chief Minister Rojgar Yojana(CMRY) Scheme. Trying to clinch the endless possibilities, strives to bring in the next unique product line with designing & making furniture along with adding metal products in the near future.