Broadchain: Securing & Enabling Business Ecosystems &Networks with Decentralised Consensus Technology

Siddarth Mohan,Co-Founder

Siddarth Mohan,Co-Founder

The impulse to start a business with a childhood friend likely strikes everyone at some point of time in life. While many people dream of starting a successful business driven by passion, it just remains a dream for most of them. The story was different for entrepreneurs Aman Dhamija and Siddarth Mohan. These two childhood friends grew up together and participated in non-tech ventures as teenagers. Later, Siddarth grew into various areas of tech and deeptech and Aman grew into areas of multiple businesses. Years later, they met one day to discuss things that they were into, which eventually lead to the formation of Broadchain.

“Aman & I have always been interested in doing new and exciting things. The potential of Decentralised Consensus Technology(DCT) such as Blockchain, being a foundational technology, to secure AI, IoT, Neural Networks, Big Data and Immersive Simulated Realities excites me. Blockchain helps in sectors which need top notch security specifically in terms of data, such as health, finance, smart home devices, public documents, record keeping, social impact projects, smart cities and smart villages.” states Siddarth.
Founded in February 2018, Broadchain creates customized Decentralised Consensus Technology (DCT) solutions using Blockchain. These solutions enable clients to save time & cost while providing a secure environment with reliable data. “DCT is going to revolutionize the way we do business and the way we lead our lives in the same manner Internet did. We have developed a product based on Decentralised Renewable Energy whereas products in Finance and Education are currently in the pipeline. We are also looking forward to developing products related to Healthcare and Real Estate.” mentions Aman.

" The pilot Blockchain project is focused on creating a platform which will help catalyze the entire lifecycle of sustainable Distributed Renewable Energy projects."

Broadchain's young motivated team is working towards creating solutions such as distributed systems, distributed economies and distributed governance. It is focused on providing solutions that can disrupt traditional business ecosystems and facilitate modern governance.

“Once our core team was formed, we evaluated relevant real-world problems that can be solved using DCT such as Blockchain. One such problem is the lack of universal, clean and affordable energy in India. To quote Former Principal Advisor, Power & Energy, Govt of India - ‘Delivering equitable access to adequate and affordable modern energy to all households remains critical for achieving basic socio-economic goals.’ To tackle this ongoing
issue, our pilot Blockchain project is focused on creating a platform which will help catalyze the entire lifecycle of sustainable Distributed Renewable Energy projects,” says Siddarth.

An Edge over Others
Securing networks such as both Public & Private Blockchains with DCT, provides customized solutions for organizations based on the latest protocols and consensus algorithms.“We follow Agile Principles for research and development, which enables us to adapt to the rapidly evolving DCT space.” Siddarth says.

As a deep-tech startup, Broadchain believes in innovation and meritocracy. “We believe that innovation is only possible with multidimensional perspective and approach. Therefore, we promote meritocracy through Modern Corporate Governance which enables the right ideas to be freely communicated and manifested by the team.” he asserts.

The Road Ahead
A self-funded company solely supported by its founders, Broadchain is headquartered in Singapore and has a branch in New Delhi. Decentralised Consensus Technology (DCT) such as Blockchain is in the same maturity level as the Internet was in the 1990s. Thus, Broadchain feels that everyone should become aware of its benefits and support catalyzing innovation through it. “Our innovative DCT solutions using Blockchain aim to impact the society at large. Broadchain is in the constant lookout to identify the next big challenge to be tackled, develop new associations and talent,” the founders conclude.