Schoolmart: Single Source for School Tech Innovations & Infrastructure Needs

Vamsi Mohan,CEO
Vamsi Mohan, CEO
Why do classrooms today look nearly identical to those 30 years ago–minus a few upgrades to the modern chalkboard, and sneaking texts in class instead of notes? Technologies have brought a slew of changesin the teaching methods and the schools alike-right from shaping a child's growth to creating a multidisciplinary environment. Away from home, they become the place wherein a child spends maximum time and in context to this, the infrastructure plays a budding hand in creating a favorable learning & growing destination.

One company that clearly understands that the infrastructure not only changes the learning outcomes but impacts the ambience of the school is Schoolmart. Hyderabad based Schoolmart is first-of-its-kind Company that caters to schools with infrastructure and technology needs. More than just being an infra company, Schoolmart provides solutions for various critical needs of the school in its own unique style.

The Idea
Prior to starting Schoolmart, Vamsi Mohan,an experienced design consultant was running a small space& intelligent interior design agency in Vizag. He always had a
strong interest in designing school
and education spaces which purely show cased a profound school infrastructure. Not only this, his keen desire to build a school design project that involved tech-based learning outcome eventually led him to turn as an entrepreneur and bring a brand that reaches out to schools across India and outsideIndia.

"From setting up a green school with a modular structure to manufacturing portable schools, Schoolmart has also introduced discovery pods in 30 plus schools in three months"

Narrating on the inception story, Vamsi says,“The desire turned into a reality accidently. A company approached us to create a futuristic school at an affordable cost that reaches even to rural schools, CSR schools, NGOs and budget schools. Inspired by an African architect, we came up with the idea to build a portable school in a shipping container. ”He adds,“We were delighted to come across a few edtech firms who had similar ideas but limited market access. Thus,we ideated the concept of 'Smart school project' and imbibed augmented& virtual reality, gamification, analytics, adaptive learning and child safety tech to make the experience 'Good to Great'.

A consortium of architects,innovators, ed-tech manufacturers and traders, the company is a unique combination of school infrastructure blended with technology. Trying to get a brief insight into the challenges faced by children’s in terms of school experience, Schoolmart’s design team travelled extensively
to the rural counterparts of Orissa and urban places of Andhra Pradesh.“The challenge was to instill the desire in student to like the school on the first hand. Finding out that they were interested in hygienic environments, good infra and access to learning tools, we changed our design aspect, and then introduced the low-cost tech products,” Vamsi informs.

Array of Product Offerings
Today, with more than 1000+ products in various categories, Schoolmart is the single largest platform for school tech, infra and innovations. It manufactures and supplies school infra needs such as ergonomic school furniture, classroom tech, smart sports for kids, surface sports, School Technology & Management Softwares, eLearning, School Safety, School Funding,School Automation, Renovations, AR/VR content, Gamified & Tab based content mapped to school syllabus and more. As a one-stop shop for all school innovations, right from classroom delivery or school expansion, Schoolmart does it all.

From setting up green schools with modular structures to manufacturing portable schools, discovery pods in 30 plus schools in three months Schoolmart boasts many innovation. Growing 300 percent YoY, the company has expanded to Southern Africa, Chile and UAE and expects to spread across Vietnam, Srilanka and Malaysia. Soon it is going to launch its AI-based school discovery platform and acquire more edtech startups on board, thus increasing its strength as well as visibility.