Bundelkhand Pride: Grandma's Love in Homemade 'Achar'

 Srijan Dharia,   Managing Director

Srijan Dharia

Managing Director

While the world is moving towards capitalism, authenticity has now become a fading concept. The age-old recipes savoured in our meals are gradually losing essence and westernization involved in the Indian meals has some role to play in this. Keeping this authentic touch in its recipes, Bundelkhand Pride is a family-owned business marching forward with the “Make In India” initiative. The also business imparts the best of its intentions to the local vendors by sustaining their living through packaging.

Bundelkhand Pride offers 24 variants of pickles, namely, Aam ka Achaar, Hing Aamkali ka Achaar, Meetha Aam ka Achaar, Hing ka Achaar, Methi Aam ka Achaar, Mirch ka Achaar, Methi Mirch ka Achaar, Bharwa Mirch ka Achaar, Nimbu ka Achaar, Karele ka Achaar, Chhole ka Achaar, Gajar ka Achaar, Gobhi ka Achaar, Mooli ka Achaar, Lehsun ka Achaar, Adrak ka Achaar, Gajar Gobhi Mooli Mix Achaar, Aamla ka Achaar, Karaunda Kamal- Kakdi Mix Achaar, Kathal ka Achaar, Haldi ka Achaar, Kaitha ka Achaar, Amda/Dheu ka Achaar and Badhar ka Achaar.

Preserving the Natural Elements
“All the recipes that we work with are authentic to Indian tastes. We focus on serving the age-old taste, with the utmost purity. There is no use of chemicals in our products” We aim to provide every Indian with a home like taste by making sure that there is no use of machinery. Our team
grounds the spices on its own, keeping in line with our mission of serving “homemade taste”, says Srijan, Director and Founder of Bundelkhand Pride.

To keep the products fresh and healthy, Bundelkhand Pride has substituted all the chemicals with natural products, such as raw yellow mustard oil and homemade sugarcane vinegar, preserving the real taste with natural substances. The raw materials are grown on owned farms and the natural preservatives are prepared inhouse. Kaitha, Badhar, Amda, Mangoes and Marwadi chilli used in the pickles are transported from the farms owned by Bundelkhand Pride in Bundelkhand city.

The roadmap ahead for Bundelkhand Pride’s new growth phase is creativity intertwined with authenticity

The inhouse team at Bundelkhand Pride ensures that no compromises are made on the quality front. It’s for the quality and the affordability that the customers love the products. “In our opinion, the mission of our business is as simple as it gets, to serve our clientele with homemade products, untouched by chemicals, pertaining to the tastes that are getting lost in the trends of capitalism”, says Srijan.

Planning New Products
The foundation journey behind Bundelkhand Pride was started in an average household. The idea was to promote the authentic Grandma’s recipes and the love that she put in them, keeping the age-old tradition alive. Though the journey was filled with many obstacles, the authenticity in taste, the unparalleled support, and the love of the consumers is what kept the company thriving. The company has managed to achieve a Pan-India with the help of digital markets and platforms such as Amazon and Instagram. Bundelkhand Pride is focused on providing newer homemade products, made with natural products, offering an authentic taste. In order to amplify its growth, it will be introducing new products to the market in the years to come”.