Vihawk Tech Solutions: Smart Video Surveillance Provider

Sandeep Kumar Dhoundiyal & Sumant Katiyar,Directors
Sandeep Kumar Dhoundiyal& Sumant Katiyar, Directors

The founders, Sandeep Kumar Dhoundiyal & Sumant Katiyar, were working for a Hyderabad-based IT System Integrator for more than a decade in executive management capacity before taking the entrepreneurial plunge. While they realized that the IT System integration market was declining due to the changes in the way IT was getting consumed in enterprises. They found that a disruptive technology like Cloud was enabling a paradigm shift in the industry.

Scouting for allied technologies for growth, they realized that Video surveillance was going through a disruptive phase where Network Cameras and IP Surveillance was gaining an edge over analog CCTV surveillance. They both soon realized that this was an opportunity which will pave a path for several other innovative businesses that would enable technologies like Analytics, AI, IoT, and others.

Without a second thought, the dynamic duo quit their IT system job in 2012 and started their journey into this deep technology-oriented business enabling services, Vihawk Tech Solutions. “VIHAWK abbreviated as Visually Intelligent HAWK!” asserts Sandeep,giving the explanation, where the company focuses on providing SMART video surveillance solutions to the customers.
The Beginning of SMART Surveillance-based Solutions
From selling their first camera to providing a complete state-of-the-art technology-based integrated command center to the clients, Vihawk has come a long way from where it all started. Educating the customers about the nuances and executing the projects profoundly, over the years, the company has built trust in the industry, which goes beyond the realm of the surveillance system.

"With a small office in Hyderabad to having satellite offices in Vishakhapatnam and Varanasi, today, Vihawk is one of the few system integrators across the country that provide exclusive Video Surveillance as a service"

Today,the company offers result-oriented services from design,to field analysis, integration,end-to-endvideo surveillance implementation, and maintenance services to its clients. It has executed projects across India, which includes critical infrastructure segment like Airports, Manufacturing Plants, Retail outlets, IT offices, and Government Organizations.

Not Just Surveillance– Technology Enabled Business Solutions
On the right track, the company offers its technology solutions to SMEs and MSMEs,where the customers use video surveillance as a proactive tool to increase business efficiency. Most importantly, the customer gets the best breed solution with high-quality products and opens architecture-based design for possible future integration with other systems. Throwing light on the same,Sumant says “It helps our customer not only improve business efficiency by implementing a result-oriented solution but also helps them in
future-proofing their investments from any future business need that may require scalability and integrations.”

To give a case study, Vihawk has enhanced the productivity of one of the customers, where by the company set up a smart video surveillance system that monitors movement and sends the system an alert every time there is a discrepancy, as it uses systems like access control and face recognition to monitor crowding and monitoring at common zones.“It helped the organization to not just implement surveillance solution for physical security but also increase business efficiency by monitoring and controlling unwanted movements,” asserts Sandeep.

Growth Way Forward
Vihawk started its journey in a humble setting. With a small office in Hyderabad to having satellite offices in Vishakhapatnam and Varanasi, today, it is one of the few system integrators across the country that provide exclusive Video Surveillance as a service.Since inception,the company has had a 100 percent YoY revenue growth.

Recently, the company has signed a few partnerships with leading analytics and IoT platform providers. Vihawk is gearing up for systems integration using state-of-the-art technologies, where the company is expanding its services to customers focusing on business goals without having to invest heavy time and money into non-business support operations. Optimistic about the future, Sandeep concludes “Apart from increasing our feet-on-street count across cities in India, we are also looking forward to integrating other non-video based systems,and arrange a seamless exchange of data between the systems.”