WhistleDrive: Making Transportation Safe, Efficient and Convenient through Technology

Rakesh Munnanooru, Founder & CEO
Rakesh Munnanooru,Founder& CEO

The world is on the move. Technology has forever changed the way billions travel either for pleasure or work. In context to this, the next-generation technologies have significantly changed the way how one travels with defining the transportation and mobility options. Amidst all the developments taking place, one thing that lags attention massively is the corporate employee transportation,which is still perceived to be traditional and unorganized with several inefficiencies and human intervention.

Organizations today are increasingly looking for an automated data-driven solution to ease the process of transportation. Not only this, they are also trying to bring a significant improvement in operational efficiency and overall cost minimization. Hyderabad based Whistle Drive identified the pain points and plunged into the most demanding space by functioning as a transportation technology company that offers end-to-end employee transportation solution for enterprises and driver on-demand solution for consumers.

Rakesh Munnanooru,Founder&
CEO,Whistle Drive says “Transportation is the glue of our everyday lives. It is such a vital part of human existence that we some times don’t even realize the enormous scale of it. At WhistleDrive, we are on a constant mission to make transportation safe, efficient and convenient by using technology.”

"“Led by a team of 56 serving 27 clients in Hyderabad, WhistleDrive plans to expand to Chennai, Bangalore and Vizag."

The Genesis
The inspiration to come up with this unique business idea sparked Rakesh back in 2015. It was the time when location-based services were taking over the market wherein he had a keen interest to be a part of the wave and solve a critical problem with real-time location sharing technology. From his personal experience and a bit of on field research, Rakesh was quick to realisethat there exists a considerable market for car driver services. Thus, he began building a solution that provides drivers for car owners on demand powered by location tracking similar to cab aggregators. Rakesh informs, “In the meantime, we realised that the same technology can help manage corporate employee transportation and did a pilot run. It was a massive success and we soon started providing fleet services along with the software solution.”

Think. Whistle. Move.
WhistleDrive is on the mission to transport million people a day to work and places they love through technology- driven, efficient and safe transportation. The company provides an end-to-end automation of the transportation process through a leading
edge technology solution powered by AI-automation of the transportation process through a leading edge technology solution powered by AI-driven analytics. The automation software minimizes manual intervention to ensure significant cost savings and provides timely service, delivering high employee satisfaction. Not only that, it's live tracking dashboard enables an eagle eye real-time location view of all the cabs to the client’s staff on an interactive map to ensure strong coordination, security and safety.

“We don't just provide a software solution but also provide the fleet of cars equipped with best in class location tracking and on-ground logistics support led by an expert team with rich industry experience.”He adds,“The integrated cabs + software model helps the client to adopt the transition with much ease and at the same time builds enormous trust owing to transparency.”

From being a part of T-Hub,India's largest start-up incubator to becoming a premier start-up selected for their flagship Lab32 program, the growth of WhistleDrive has been immensely fulfilling. Scaling heavily, WhistleDrive has raised Series-A funding of INR Five crore from Chicago based Colosseum Group. Today, It transports 7500+ employees every day through its cabs. Led by a team of 56 serving 27 clients in Hyderabad, it plans to expand to Chennai, Bangalore and Vizag. “We are continuously innovating both in terms of product and process and our vision is to be the transportation leader and drive this industry to its next phase of technology-driven efficiency, ”concludes Rakesh.