C2E Consultancy: A Hub of Innovative Recruitment and Training Solutions

Easwaraprabu M Founder,Rajashree Haresh, BDE Manikandan, Lead RecruiterA young mind's passion of standing out from the crowd prodded him to embrace entrepreneurship. Eas-waraprabu M made his debut in the startup ecosystem through his much evaluated concern C2E Consultancy - a recruitment firm that creates and delivers high-impact solutions that enable our clients to achieve their business goals and enhance their competitive-ness. Exercising his expertise and knowledge he structured his purpose of completely transforming the corporate and IT hiring sphere through this recruitment concern where fresh, innovative and comprehensive solutions are crafted to help organizations to overpower the Human Age.

The company advances far reaching talent driven services in the most methodical manner starting with Automated Process, Pre-Hire Assessment, and On Boarding. Through these it intends to create and deliver high-impact solutions, helping clients to thrive in the competitive environment by assisting their business goals. Besides this, it performs the role of maintain maintain an online Data Bank of well qualified professionals. “I have spent about six years in this industry and that has brought me more closer to the up and running of the recruitment domain, particularly the IT recruitment. Seeing the potential of the space I made up my mind to venture into this space and furnish the best solution and services to enable businesses achieve their goal," Easwaraprabu M, Founder, C2E Consultancy.

The Journey
The company's objectives are distinct than the others as its sole purpose is not just to provide good placement to candidates but to make sure that good employees are send to organizations. Its very name, C2E stands for candidates to employee that means it acts as he medium of connecting the chords between the job seekers and the hirer. It is completely focused on scrutinizing the
talents organizations are looking for and allot them the most suiting job and vice-versa.

The company started its journey from point zero yet slow and steadily reached the crowning points. Today, the company is at a steady position, observing exponential growth in revenue, clients and geographical presence. “When we started there were few clients which have at present elevated to 36. Our workforce strength has also grown and to make things convenient we have adopted freelancing system," he adds.

Rajashree Haresh, BDE

As for every other organization's backbone is its team, C2E Consultancy's strength of will is its adroit and skilled squad. Though the team is small but it's the ultimate power pack of enthusiastic and talented people. They have been evaluating every possible measure to successfully pull of its endeavours. Each of them has dab hands over their respective domains which they incorporate to fulfil the end of view of the company. Now as a good organization, it is its duty to keep a tab on the requirements of its workforce. And one of the most enticing practices of C2E Consultancy is that it does not impose LOP (Loss of Pay) on its employees. They are allowed to take leave as per their convenience provided they keep their work done and up to date. This clear cut give and take attitude gives it accredit of the most preferred workplace. The members are bestows with deserving perks in cash or kinds. “Our mantra is simple, we will do everything thing for our employee, will provide them with all facilities but they also have to give their 100 per cent is accomplishing our target and objectives.

C2E consultancy has made plans to further work on its endeavour and enhance them, making them more comprehensive and effective

The Forward Move
For the future, C2E Consultancy has made plans to further work on its endeavour and enhance them, making them more comprehensive and effective. Its intentions are driving towards setting hands on new verticals, going PAN India and gearing for the international market too.

The Company's Long Suits
• Automated Process
• Pre-Hire Assessment
• On Boarding
• Hiring And On Boarding
• Employee Seperation
• Staff Augmentation