Call To Action Media: An Agency For Digital Age

Milind Sabnis & Manisha Sabnis,  Founders & Directors

Milind Sabnis & Manisha Sabnis

Founders & Directors

Digitization is making information available at fingertips. With this, people are becoming selective about what they read and watch. And, seizing people's attention is getting harder day by day. With this stern competition to portray each brand's USP and reach the right target audience, every enterprise, whether, small, medium or big is compelled to have an online presence. So while everyone is online, who exactly grabs the targeted audience’s eye is completely dependent on uniqueness of branding, communication&advertising. Brands can't afford to miss out but with several startups innovatively using the digital medium,making a dent is a challenge. Brands are embracing a crisp marketing strategy and effective advertising techniques that would capture the viewer's eye. Among the profuse of brands that help organizations to portray brand presence effectively CTA Media is a fresh and creative new age startup that is helping MSMEs and SMEs to portray identity and reach wider audiences, while standing out among their competition.

The Genesis
It was quite natural for the Founders and Directors Mr. Milind Sabnis and Ms. Manisha Sabnis to choose this niche space as they had varied expertise in the creative space. With their series of successful ventures such as a videography venture under the name Zen Video and local news & publication startup called Mumbai Live they were encouraged to venture into the service industry. “We aspired
to reboot the existence of small businesses while helping them to multiply the effectiveness of the brands using the Digital Media. With an idea to provide effective yet affordable digital solutions, we built a team of innovators, thinkers & doers and conceptualized CTA Media in the dynamic landscape.” mentions Nishant Sabnis, CEO, CTA Media.

Over the years, the company has transformed several small enterprises into competitive brands. It works at the intersection of four broad verticals including Digital Marketing, Videos including films, production and live streaming, Web Technology and Modern Design. The company is extremely bullish on the spread of its live streaming solutions with multi camera setup & graphics, with the claim that they have a live stream virtually every day. “Catering the most advanced end-to-end digital services, we make the client brand to be business ready for the digital era. Therefore, we believe, we are an agency for the digital times, not strictly a digital marketing agency” asserts Arpit Verma, COO, CTA Media.

Eyeing the emerging brands and startups CTA Media is striving to provide seamless solutions with a complete in house team, a feat that is rarely achieved especially focussing on modern technology.

Nishant Sabnis, CEO

The Growth
The company has been working with varied verticals such as education, personal finance, real estate, aviation fitness real estate hospitality among others, which has given it a steady take off. This excites the entire team to be as they witness a steep curve of learning in the organization’s functions. CTA offers cost efficient quality solutions that make an actual difference in the commercial aspect of the business. It is very much mindful on pricing the solutions ensuring that they are able to genuinely make a mark on the output of the business of their clients.

It is also making constant efforts to streamline the services and maintain hassle free operations, at the same time create an environment that is conducive to creative thinking and freedom of expression for its employees, breaking away from the traditional highly hierarchal approach of agencies.