CalyFox: Your Complete Neighbourhood Store Delivering the Products with Care and Utmost Commitment

Yogesh Vashishtha,Founder & CEO

Yogesh Vashishtha

Founder & CEO

In today's scenario, the demand for door-step delivery has been increasing manifold. It is especially true in times of the Pandemic where safe door-step delivery is viewed as an invaluable service. Seeking to tap into the large scale demands of delivering essential products at the very door-steps is CalyFox ­ a Noida based self-serving grocery outlet.

Established in the year 2016, CalyFox offers a plethora of products similar to any traditional supermarket. Their wide range of products includes dairy, bakery, staples, snacks, processed foods, beverages, personal care, home care, baby care, groceries, edible oils, immunity boosters, herbal and organic products ­ all the essentials at one place.

With a customer-centric platform and commitment towards its delivery services, CalyFox has witnessed a healthy growth of 50% every year since its inception. The online grocery market's Founder, Mr. Yogesh Vashishtha, opines that Business Organizations may also strengthen the ethical pillar of a country. He is of the view that one should not enter into business just for the sake of money and success, but one should enter into business to use his/her abilities, high energy, and potential to work for others. This led Mr. Yogesh Vashishtha to start thinking of entering into business. He is an Engineer in Biotechnology and has a deep
interest in science. Mr. Yogesh Vashishtha started thinking of it as a vision and worked for it at many forums. Thereafter, he decided to enter into the retail business having a definite vision in his mind.

Mr. Yogesh Vashishtha finally founded CalyFox with his two friends with humble funds in January 2016. Since then, CalyFox is serving its customers with utmost dedication and commitment. Today, CalyFox serves thousands of customers on a weekly basis and takes pride in its great delivery services to its customers. With discounts and offers on almost every item, the focus at CalyFox has always been to serve the customers in the best way feasible. "The smiles of our Customers are the ladders of our Future Goals," says Mr. Yogesh Vashishtha, Founder, CalyFox.

In addition to offering essential grocery products, CalyFox is also involved in activities for the promotion of Science Education in the country. In regards to the promotion of science and education, the company has been active in various other cities beyond Noida.

With a customer-centric platform and commitment towards its delivery services, CalyFox has witnessed a 50% YoY growth

A Dedicated & Spirited Team
For efficient operations, an organization needs a balanced team, honest, and dedicated team members. CalyFox is lucky to be endowed with a team wherein every member is skilled for his/her assigned task. Team spirit is the feeling of pride and loyalty among the team members, and that makes them want their team to do well or be the best. CalyFox takes this principle at face value. The CalyFox team is backed by excellent visionary leaders. CalyFox has leaders who lead the team in challenging circumstances and have the ability to produce the team spirit and inspire the team by setting an example.

The company started operating door-step delivery of grocery and other daily essentials since its initial years of establishment. The CalyFox team focuses on same-day delivery, especially instant delivery. The team delivers even non-profitable orders as per the commitments. CalyFox's commitments towards its customers regarding the time duration of its delivery is always realistic as the company believes in building strong bonds with its customers. The CalyFox family considers happy Customers as the real revenue.