Cancer Moonshot: Cancer Care powered by Artificial Intelligence

Deva Reddy ,FounderOncology has evolved over the years in India. But, the term cancer still evokes shock and fear. Cancer is epidemic and expensive globally leading to 30 million cancer cases, 15 million cancer deaths and costs 250 billion dollars repeating every year. 1 in 7 men and 1 in 8 women suffer from cancer at some point in their lives. In India cancer attacks more than 1.5 million patients. Unfortunately, there are only 2000 oncologists making the situation panic. Healthcare startups have ample opportunities and they are working across every stage of the cancer care process to transform it and making cancer care more accurate accessible available and affordable. Contributing to this is Cancer Moonshot Technologies, the brainchild of Deva Reddy.

The company is developing cancer moon shot software, a game changer in cancer care to solve the cancer problem. Its game changing cancer care AI software is apt to conquer cancer using precision oncology software decisions by blending Artificial Intelligence & Oncologist Intelligence for better outcomes. "We are optimistic about making cancer care accurately using advanced artificial intelligence to detect treat and prevent cancer, reach the bottom of the pyramid in terms of accessibility through cloud and make Oncologist's work more effective and efficient to serve number patients,"speaks Deva. The team will augment Radiologists/Oncologists to find
cancer in digital radiology images which is difficult for the human eye to see for precise cancer diagnosis using deep learning, assist Oncologists to design personalized treatment plans with evidence which is tough for human intelligence to contemplate, powered by guidelines and protocols using an expert system and amplify Oncologists to decide precise cancer treatments at the genomics level for drug response, disease metastasis using radio genomics concepts and biomarkers with prognosis prediction.

The Inception

Being mere spectators, witnesses and bogged by realtime painful experiences of friends and families during their battle against cancer, Deva and the rest of the founding team observed that some of them were miss diagnosed and some were not even given personalized treatments. Others were spending a huge amount of money without expected outcomes. With a humanistic mission to exterminate cancer, they zeroed in upon establishing Cancer Moonshot, primarily to make cancer diagnosis & treatments automated using AI. "We work closely with our cancer centres and involve them at every stage of platform development and experiences with a continuous feedback loop as selling AI in Healthcare solutions is very difficult,"informs Deva.

Cancer Moonshot is an AI answer for better continuum cancer care

The company majorly targets cancer centres like Apollo, HCG, Omega and Oncologists across India. The solutions are tailored as per the need of the hospitals and Oncologists. "For one primer cancer centre, we are applying deep learning techniques using a very innovative technique called Radio-Genomics for drug response prediction. This solution can save a lot of money for the patient and can provide precision oncology care through Oncologists," says Deva.

The Growth

Cancer Moonshot is recognised as one of the top AI startups in India by NVIDIA. It has published numerous articles and papers in INDA, UK, USA. It is one of the very few startups working on Radio Genomics for precision Oncology solutions. "We are working with 4 cancer centres INDIA, planning to expand to another 4 cancer centres. Outside India, the UK is our next targeted aiming to enter into NHS, started our activities in the UK. We are releasing a solution on cloud for direct usage for Oncologists," he asserts. "We are strengthening our team in India and the UK, simultaneously, looking to raise funds," concludes Deva.