Capshine: A Proficient English Language Learning Platform

 Satya Prabhakar,   CEOThe revolution of online education has dramatically overhauled the education industry today, shifting from traditional to digital. Providing learners all the leverage to enjoy a more flexible education infrastructure and innovative curriculum, remotely with the ease of attending time, online learning has made education beneficial in many ways. Formidably, today the market is swamped with ‘n’ number of edTech entities. The online learning platforms market in India is expected to witness significant growth in the coming years. According to projections, while the revenue in this market is set to reach $5.50 billion by 2024, it is expected to further touch $12.77 billion by 2028, exhibiting a CAGR of 23.44 percent, wherein the user penetration graph will be observed rising from 12.1 percent in 2024 to 17.8 percent by 2028.

In this landscape, the Capshine app stands out as a unique product & service, introduced by Sulekha- one of India's leading marketplaces for expert services across 200+ categories. The Capshine app thrives in the market as a one-stop destination for all English learning needs. Its core objective is to boost learners' confidence in speaking English fluently and provide employability skills. It is even committed to making English learning easy, accessible, affordable, effective, and exciting, becoming a leading platform for English learning in India.

Also, it is why, with a focus on inclusivity and innovation, today Capshine has created a niche for itself in the industry. This app-based
fluency development platform, implying consistent cutting-edge educational tools with over 100 knowledgeable and experienced language coaches from India, offers the best live online teaching and interactive learning experience. Be it for learning basic grammar, improving spoken English, or gaining proficiency in the language, Capshine is there for all, enabling learners to have a convenient yet blended learning experience (through mobile learning, personalized learning, gamification, adaptive learning, and micro learning) with unlimited hours of live speaking practice sessions. Its various offerings include live learning sessions with diverse topics and expert coaches, talk time sessions for speaking practice, video-based learning with regional language options, error correction videos for improving speaking skills, daily engagement activities for continuous practice, nano-learning on social media, mastering job interviews course, and placement assistance.

In the competitive landscape of the Online Learning industry, what differentiates the Capshine app is its unique approach to education. Capshine acknowledges the individual’s learning needs, considering distinct learning styles, preferences, and strengths, and thus provides personalized learning experiences through tailored feedback and catering to individual needs. Specifically, its individualized attention and flexibility, allow students to progress at their own pace and accommodate diverse learning content and schedules. Moreover, while its 'Learn-It-Together' pedagogy emphasizes learner autonomy, social media engagement scales learners beyond traditional learning methods. Moreover, the 'Learn-It-Together' pedagogy, alongside fostering learner autonomy, incorporates social media engagement to extend learners beyond traditional methods.

Journey & Plans Ahead

"Well, the journey hasn’t been easy. Pre-eminently where negative perceptions of online education existed in the market, initial challenges included adapting to diverse learner needs, and then maintaining student engagement and motivation, combatting the traditional curriculum-based learning system. Also, due to past technical challenges arising from learners' unstable connections, there have been some clarifications needed about our platform. It's essential to highlight that a stable internet connection is the primary requirement for online learning", shares Satya Prabhakar, CEO, Sulekha. But, the Capshine app championed it in just a short span of three years since its inception. Providing learners the confidence in speaking, and helping them acing interviews, it is rapidly growing now and has become a highly trusted and economical online English language learning platform.

As per its futuristic goals, it strives to enhance communication skills and employability among learners further. Also, having continued collaboration with educational institutions for broader impact, it plans to expand the platform's reach to serve more learners across India.