Carista Technologies: Multi-Brand Car Service Start-up

Harsha Vardhan,CEO & Co-Founder, with Zooko

Harsha Vardhan

CEO & Co-Founder, with Zooko

Harsha Vardhan, CEO & Co-Founder, with Zooko

Owning a car is one of the most aspirational purchases of an upper-middle-class Indian household. 90 percent and above of the cars are purchased by way of bank finance, spreading the cost of ownership over a few years. However, the actual cost of car maintenance is actually higher than that projected at the time of selling of the cars to the consumers, thus the considerable financial inconvenience to an average upper middle class Indian household. With every new car sold, dealerships are thus mandated to attend to the OEM/Manufacturers under warranty obligations, resulting the older cars be met and attended with secondary importance. Ironically, car being a depreciating asset, car owners experience higher maintenance cost as the car gets older. Moreover, the dealerships and its workshops overheads cost and inefficient workflow mechanisms are subtly passed onto the car owners, making it an expensive proposition. Also, the unorganised and unskilled labor, non transparent processes, non genuine spares and inadequate infrastructure at local garages fails to gain the car owners confidence.
Carista Technologies,a Bangalore based car care service provider, sensed an opportunity and present the market with a win-win solution. “Right Time, Right Place at Doorsteps Car Services, with service warranty,” says Harsha Vardhan, CEO & Co-Founder, an automotive industry professional and enthusiast.

Since incorporation in 2016, the company invested time to build a scalable supply network globally and design processes to channelize the moment of genuine spares and attract highly trained automotive professionals for and from all car brands.

What’s next?
What began for Carista as an end-to-end service provider with one workshop eventually evolved to be a company specialized in quality mechanical services. Today, the company’s core offering includes Periodic Maintenance, Complete Electrical and Mechanical System Repairs, Digital Diagnosis, Used car evaluation and so on.

Calibrated to lead the multi-brand car servicing market with larger focus on brands with limited and marginalised service network, the company caters predominantly to the mid to premium segment automotive brands like Volkswagen, Skoda, Chevrolet, Ford, Fiat and premium cars like Mercedes, BMW and Audi.

"Gaining market share and mindshare through word-of-mouth has been the primary marketing tool for Carista until now. Its revenue growth middle-class signifies the recent shift in the mindset of car owners across all brands to
explore options outside of a traditional dealership network, "says Satheesh Kumar, Co-Founder.

The ever increasing number of out-of-warranty cars in the market has encouraged them to come with innovations ensuring great customer experience for multi-brand service needs. Going ahead, the company looks forward to take with them the mobile workshops concept to the cities of Delhi NCR,Chennai,Hyderabad, Chandigarh with being a game changer in the industry.

Brand Differentiator in Car Services
* Trustworthy Car workshop is 0 Km away
Service request is fulfilled right the doorsteps of the customer at the time of their convenience. Estimations, invoice, service warranty certificates to reviews, all the transaction are online rendering complete transparency. The ‘Mobile Garage Workshop’ is currently Bangalore ready.

* Genuine Spares and Service Warranty –
The Standard offering
There is no better replacement for Genuine. Carista renders service warranty on all of its services as a standard offering.

* OEM’s Certified and Trained Workforce & Internal Training
Premium service experience can only be rendered by premium workforce. On an average, only 4 of our every 10 people make it to the ground workforce in the first go.