CDM Media Group - A Content Writing and Marketing Startup Firm With A Team of Young Enthusiastic Professionals

Sujata Upadhyay,FounderIn a world where everything is shifting to digital, the right content is not good to have rather a must-have to build a credible market presence.

We at CDM Media create Curated, Coherent, and Compelling content that attracts, engages, and converts readers into customers!

The Pune-based boutique B2B Content Writing and Content Marketing firm founded in 2018, caters to niche segments like Software Product Firms, IT Services, and Tech-Enabled companies along with firms in the Energy Sector, BFSI, Retail, eCommerce, HealthCare, Manufacturing, Accounting, eLearning, and Legal.

CDM helps its clients create compelling content via various content strategies that result in better brand positioning, engaging prospects, and carves a path for the readers to reach the brand. It helps them chose the right words to present their services, products, and USPs to attract, engage and connect their customers to them via domain-specific words that are the key to attracting customers.

A Collaboration with Clients for the Best Outcome
CDM Media believes in two-way and efficient communication and works as a consultant
to its clients, ensuring content and positioning across the organization is taken care of, rather than it being task specific and hence both teams work hand-in-hand. This not only builds a healthy relationship between the two businesses but also ensures utmost transparency in the process. The firm has a list of clientele - Logibricks, LogiTax, Aptara, Technovert, The White Chalk, Yugen Consulting, Bold Dialogue, Photon Legal, Deskera and many known brands.

An Enthusiastic Workplace for Young Professionals
CDM Media believes in welcoming young talent as there is a lot of potential in them to learn and grow in a healthy business environment. With an open door policy, each team member is given the platform to speak their mind, and experiment with ideas. This ensures a strong bond, keeping up with a healthy work culture that promotes individual professional growth. It believes in nurturing the employees with the right amount of guidance and support.

Giving a chance to the people who are enthusiastic to prove their talent in writing for media.

The pandemic brought a great paradigm shift in the work culture within the company and thus hybrid and flexible working models for re-mote working are ensured, stream-lining with a smooth workflow. The firm made sure that it did its best utilization of its workforce and creating a work-life balance for them.

The leadership team at CDM Media Group ensures efficiency, quality, and a fair opportunity for all its employees. Apart from providing them with growth opportunities, it also trains its employees to increase their work efficiency. The firm believes in on-the-job training of its employees rather than a classroom training model. This is to ensure more practicality in the training process where the employees can learn more through trial and error. However the initial training forms a sound base for all employees, especially freshers and leads to a conducive work environment along with personal growth.

CDM Media Group believes in ensuring commitment and dedication by setting up the right examples. Due to the small team size, the hierarchy is relatively flat. This works better when it comes to teamwork and responsibility-sharing. The firm has employee strength of 17 professionals and another 13 are projected to be in addition to grow in the coming years.