Chai Nagri: A Brand Revolutionizing The Tea Cafe Segment Of India With Technology & Unique Franchise Services

Divam Wadhwa & Simran Singh,  FoundersIn a bustling city, two childhood friends envisioned a dream to create something big together & generate employment for others. Divam Wadhwa and Simran Singh left their well-payed jobs without telling their families and embarked on their journey towards entrepreneurship. They started their journey in the year 2018 from a small canteen with only one employee and had the vision to create a small canteen set up into a brand. At that time, they didn’t know that their love for chai and the entrepreneurial spirit within them would soon take them on a journey of a lifetime.

Today, Chai Nagri has emerged as one of the most prominent brands in the Food and Beverage category with a wide variety of chai and delicious snack range. This is the journey from a 1 team member to a 144-member team as of today, with no knowledge of the Chai Industry and business to being featured on TEDx, from a small canteen to more than 20 outlets across pan India with a revenue of 10 crores. Their story is a perfect example of sheer hard work, dedication, and innovation.

Transformational, Client Friendly, & Functional Franchise Model
Nowadays, every other brand offers franchise options, however, while other brands ask for skyrocketed franchisee fees and where clients bear huge amounts of investment;
Chai Nagri certainly stands out in a sea of food and beverage brands that have entered the market in the past few years. Unlike other franchise models that focus solely on opening new franchise outlets without proper surveys and services with no additional support, Chai Nagri provides full support in terms of identifying the right location, staff, social media marketing, sales analysis, product presentation, and other unique services which makes them the brand of choice in the area they operate. Divam Wadhwa, Founder, Chai Nagri says, "Our strategy varies based on geographies and macroeconomic conditions. Our unique ambiance, food Offerings, and minimal investment without compromising on Quality & Customer delight differentiate us from the market. We are not focussing on the number of outlets; our Focus is to provide quality and handhold our Franchise Partners, so they are all set for SUCCESS”.

The overall vision is to create a space for every segment of society - from fine dining to a fun cafe to a traditional Chai Tapri & build a sustainable brand ready for the future

Chai Nagri has not only created a successful business model but has also given a new source of revenue for their franchise partners through retailing of 42 varieties of tea leaves which include Indian spices tea leaves and green teas like blue pea tea, chamomile green tea, lavender tea and so on. Additionally, Gift Hampers for festivals, corporate events, and occasions leading to bulk orders are another revenue line for the franchise holders. Simran Singh, Founder, Chai Nagri says, “Our Central Team puts in all the efforts to increase the revenue streams for our Franchise Partners. Corporate Gifting has been a huge success for us in the past and we are growing in that space. The idea is to eventually extend the region-specific leads to that region itself and increase brand presence”.

The company knew that the core business for chai exists in thousands and lakhs of tea carts across every nook and corner of the country. It is time to upgrade, and they were determined to be the ones to provide it. Chai Nagri currently has a presence in more than 7 states and aims to grow strategically, sustainably, and organically in the next coming years. The company also has plans to launch India's finest and tiniest teacart, which will further revolutionize and add another dimension to the company portfolio.