Channel I'M: Bringing Startups into the Limelight and connect them to Market

Nisha Krishnan,Founder & CEO

Nisha Krishnan

Founder & CEO

The last 5 years of have spurred us into unique stories of startups, MSMEs, and entrepreneurs. And as it grew, published several enriching and engaging video stories of entrepreneurs and innovators across the length and breadth of the country. Today, the video media platform catalogues the beat of the business world, one story at a time. It is India’s unique and only video storytelling platform that showcases inspirational stories of startups, founders, investors, MSMEs, and entrepreneurs in 4 different languages (Hindi, English, Tamil, and Malayalam). From its humble inception in 2016 as an incubated project, has grown by leaps and bounds over the years. And today, we are happy to share the story of the fearless woman, Nisha Krishnan, who has been a backbone throughout this exciting journey of Channel I'M.

Nisha Krishnan started her career as a Visual Media Journalist in 2002 in broadcast media. After gaining over 15 years of experience in the television media industry and building a strong reputation for herself, she decided to plunge into entrepreneurship. Nisha is an IVLP alumnus who was invited by the U.S. State Department to participate in the International Visitor Leadership Program in the USA. This was a turning point in her life where she could meet entrepreneurs and policymakers of the United States. She proudly won Laadli Media Award from the
United Nations Population Fund for the best reporting. This courageous woman conceptualized a program for woman innovators and startups, called "She Power" and was conferred with consecutive grants from the American State Department in 2020 and 2021. is poised to play a vital role in the digital video media model of data and content for startups and entrepreneurs

Through her brainchild, Nisha has decided to share plenty of untold stories in video format that are inspirational epitomes. Not only does it aim to recognize the disruptors in the Indian startup space but also acts as a connecting platform for founders, aspiring entrepreneurs, and investors. “We narrate stories of inspiring entrepreneurs and innovative businesses that are changing the world,” Nisha added.

Distinct Features is India’s first exclusive digital video media platform catering to the thriving startup and entreprenurial segment. While practicing constructive journalism, the company identifies and showcases the potential of disruptive entrepreneurs and change makers. helps startups and SMEs connect with markets, find investors, and reach target audiences through beautifully curated videos.Also, produces marketing videos, product videos, and pitch videos for startups and entrepreneurs. "Creating banding syndicates and a skills academy for entrepreneurship are the immediate goals of the company," explains Nisha.

The quintessence of Channel I’M's up-to-date and exclusive content is motivation, information, passion and encouragement. “Despite focusing on superficial ups and downs in the startup space, we’re never cynical when it comes to showcasing the realities and hardships that an entrepreneur faces during his/her journey to success. In other words, we aim to narrate honest and inspirational startup stories that you cannot help but fall in love with,” she informs.

While having startups, businesses, and MSMEs at the core, the firm exclusively focuses on emerging technology women entrepreneurs and student entrepreneurs through several initiatives. It has also rendered seamless support and collaboration to organize a host of governmental and non governmental events to enable networking,funding opportunities, and mentoring.