Charge Miles: Equipped to Address EV Charging Needs of Customers

 Dushyant Singh,  Co-Founder

Dushyant Singh


Electric vehicles have been an essential part of a rising tide across the globe for more sustainable transportation. Rising investor interest, surge in the number of bookings or vehicles sold and adoption of new technologies are a few important pointers for EV startups in India. India is likely to witness a massive EV boom by 2030. Destination and public charging stations are becoming an increasingly important part of EV charging network in India, with the government announcing a policy to install over four lakh charging points by the year 2030. Generally, customers are looking for platforms that can make it easy to integrate and operate a network with charging points equipment from multiple OEMs.

Charge Miles is currently emerging as the leading solution provider to accelerate EV adoption with specific focus to digitise the operations of EV Charging Point Operators(CPOs)in India and abroad. The company has already listed all the public and private charging points for two, three and four wheelers along with battery swapping stations for public consumption on its website and mobile app with the vision of building ‘Airbnb for EV Charging Infrastructure’. The product through its website and app offers the ability to view charging point details including availability, distance and type to EV owners in helping them solve ‘range anxiety’ problem. “A vast majority of our customers consider Charge Miles as their Charging Management Solution of choice as it delivers superior end-consumer experience and empowers them in monetising their charging infrastructure”, says Dushyant Singh, Co-founder.

Its Cloud, IOT and AI enabled SaaS Charging Management System delivers a seamless, fully web and mobile-enabled solution for Charging Point Operators that allows them to perform time-consuming tasks remotely from their desk. Along with Charging Management System, Charge Miles also offers the customer facing e-Mobility app and website solution to handle card, wallet and UPI payments for charging their electric vehicles.

We are a young organisation aiming to electrify the last mile connectivity across India & eventually leave some footprints on the world map as well

Team of Experienced Professionals
Charge Miles has an experienced team of founders with more than 50 years of collective experience in energy,EV, software engineering and financial engineering domains from UK, Canada and India. This experience enables a global reach and allows both commercial and domestic users along with charging point providers to add a charger to Charge Miles map to enable community charging and monetise their infrastructure capex investments. It has features to add new public charging points through the wizard. These points are then reviewed by an AI algorithm before adding it to its website and app. For B2B customers, the firm has built a charging station management system as a SaaS offering. This can help any CPO or even a hotel, shop or office owner to setup EV charging infrastructure and start making money from day one.

The company helps charging infrastructure providers in earning money so that their opex problems can be solved and their capex can give them much better net present value and cashflow. Charge Miles has designed dashboard and admin portal that enables customers to manage and operate their own charging network. A cloud based central system is provided for charging point operators to manage charging points and monitor charging services. Services such as status monitoring, charge record, price management, firmware upgrade and remote diagnosis are also offered on the platform. Through its interoperable model, Charge Miles offers capability to integrate with any e-mobility solution and its e-mobility solution can integrate with any other CMS provider.

Charge Miles also offers an innovative EV fleet management solution for delivery and taxi companies to manage live routes of their fleets, bookings, maintenance and charging schedules. Apart from India, the firm is present in UK and Canada as well. The company is also stepping forward to work on vehicle to grid integration and open ADR concepts in the coming years. The future of charging is smart and Charge Miles is well equipped with its innovative solutions, agile team and customer centricity to be a key player in the EV Industry ecosystem.