Charz Net: On a Mission to Build the Most Reliable Charging Network in the Country

Chakravarthy Ambati,   CMOAs electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular, the industry for charging infrastructure is anticipated to grow to USD 182.9 billion by 2030 reflecting a CAGR of 30.2 percent. Government restrictions aimed at reducing pollution are one of the key factors influencing the growth of the market for electric vehicles. In recent years, the transportation sector has seen a growth in the use of Electric Vehicles(EVs), thanks to rising consumer demand for light weight, fuelefficient vehicles as well as rising environmental awareness.

Future technological improvement, expanding battery capacity, and the use of lightweight materials in EVs will offer greater performance, furthering the spread of electric vehicles throughout the world. The Hyderabad-based EV charging solutions provider Charz Net, founded in 2021, is primarily focused on the development of EV charging stations as it contributes to building the Indian EV ecosystem by vertically integrating software and hardware. In India, Charz Net, a comprehensive provider of EV charging solutions, is leading the way by offering EV users affordable and dependable charging options.

A Gamut of Solutions
The company is offering an Integrated ecosystem of software and hardware solutions, Free installation of 2w charging stations, Revenue sharing arrangement with the host (30 percent with the host), and a portfolio of charging devices to cater to all
kinds of electric vehicles. Our Social entrepreneurship program A investment opportunity for retail investors to be part of the EV market by investing in charging stations with the help of Charz Net, provides an opportunity for individuals to start an EV charging business by becoming a CPO”, shares Chakravarthy Ambati, Chief Marketing officer.

We are passionate about the future of Electric Vehicles in India and are doing our part to fast track the EV adoption by tackling the most obvious hurdle of reliable charging infrastructure

The business offers cutting-edge charging equipment such as the Charz Hex 3.3kwh(2w AC charger)(4 port), Charz Node 3.3kwh (2W AC charger (single port)), and Charz Hex 4.0kwh (4W AC charger (single gun)). Additionally, Charz Net has a tonne of software and mobile applications that make using and controlling and monitoring the devices simple. These include the Charz Net mobile app, Charz Net partner app (charzpreneur), and Charzed host (app for hosts and cpo's).

With an extensive network of 2w and 4w chargers to reduce range anxiety, Charz Net's solutions give users an advantage of safetyand accessibility. Users can access the network using just one mobile application that is accessible and simple to use. The company's charzed ecosystem seamlessly integrates Software and hardware solutions. The company also have round the clock customer assistance to resolve any problems users may face with its charging devices. The devices also come with advanced safety features like battery health monitoring and autocut off features.

“Over the last 6 months, there has been a positive shift of attitude towards charging stations among EV owners due to the safety they offer. We have set up close to 400+ charging stations in Hyderabad, Chennai, Vijayawada, and Bangalore and are on pace to set up a 5000+ network of 2w, 3w,and 4w stations by the end of 2023”, further shares Chakravarthy Ambati, CMO of Charz Net.

The Path Ahead
In the upcoming year, Charz Net anticipates that two key areas will experience rapid growth, battery swapping, and fleet charging solutions. The focus of the upcoming phase is on these two areas. In order to provide them with charging alternatives, they are in discussions with a number of fleet operators (3W) that are involved in last mile delivery.

By forming partnerships with a number of stakeholders, including
battery and vehicle manufacturers, they will be breaking into the battery switching market over the next six months.