Chaya Time: Taking the Indian Tea Experience to the Global Audience

 M. Haroon Rasith,    Founder & CEO

M. Haroon Rasith

Founder & CEO

Every day, the fragrant scent of chai permeates every home and sparks conversations, calms souls, and unites a varied country through a common love of this energizing beverage. While chai holds a special place in the hearts of Indians everywhere, there is a gap between the demand for quality tea and variations thereof in the international market and its supply. Bridging this gap through its exceptionally delicious and refreshing teas, snacks, coffees, milkshakes and more is Chaya Time - a Tamil Nadu based Tea Brand making this magical elixir available to the masses. Currently operating in Southern India, the brand is developing a franchise business model to cater to the diverse needs of audiences on a global scale.

Flavors for All
Chaya Time is a rapidly expanding tea brand originating from South India that owes its meteoric rise to the power of word-of-mouth recommendations. Renowned for its exquisite variety of teas, delectable snacks, and indulgent milkshakes, Chaya Time has become a household name for tea aficionados. What sets this brand apart is its focused commitment to authenticity, utilizing world-famous spices and herbs from South India in combination with unique, carefully selected ingredients that tantalize taste buds.

“At Chaya Time, we blend unique tastes, satisfying both the discerning palates of the global market and the authentic expectations of Indian tea enthusiasts. Our model tea
outlet stands distinct, offering an array of beverages from teas to coffees, milkshakes, coolers, and more, embracing a cafe model unlike any other. With the Tea Board of India and retired scientists leading our R&D process, we've unlocked the correct formula for a worldwide tea blend, nurturing a fruitful relationship between the Board and tea farmers”, shares M Haroon Rasith, Founder & CEO of the company..

The brand's success lies in its dedication to reviving traditional tea brewing methods, delivering an authentic taste that resonates with the cultural heritage of the region. Each outlet offers a distinct and inviting ambiance, setting it apart. By ensuring a consistent supply of its signature tea, complemented by a spicy snack and a range of biscuits, the franchise outlets captivate patrons, making each visit an experience to savor.

At Chaya Time, we blend unique tastes, satisfying both the discerning palates of the global market & the authentic expectations of Indian tea enthusiasts

Chaya Time's approach hinges on the fusion of tradition and innovation, fostering a fast-growing community of tea enthusiasts captivated by its magical essence. With an eye on further expansion, the brand aims to continue enchanting customers worldwide, spreading the aroma and authenticity of South Indian tea culture while celebrating its unique ingredients and brewing techniques.

Future Roadmap
“Our vision is to reach all tea lovers and make them taste the best variants of tea globally. If not lovers, we will surely turn them into tea lovers with our authentic variants of tea, snacks and shakes. Chaya Time is remarkably known for its wide range of tea brands of India with best quality in every granule. We are spread into clusters of tea outlets extending a variety of tea, snacks and milkshakes that can change your mood in seconds. Taste our quality rich products at affordable prices”, shares M Haroon Rasith.

The company envisions expanding its presence globally, transcending beyond the Indian market to establish a widespread international footprint. Leveraging its expertise in crafting delectable teas, the firm aims to infiltrate various international markets, offering an array of flavorful and high-quality tea selections. With a strategic focus on setting up numerous outlets worldwide, the company seeks to become a household name, delighting tea enthusiasts globally. This ambitious roadmap is fueled by the passion for delivering exceptional tea experiences, fostering a promising future of growth and success.