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  • 10 Best Emerging Tea Brands - 2023

    Dive in the Cup of Flavors & Freshness to Revitalize your Senses The small word ‘tea’ has been carrying all the emotions of its dedicated lovers on its tiny shoulder from the time immemorial. Whether you are in a state of deep grief, or delight, tea is your perfect companion. From a storming political meeting, to corporate meeting till the tantalizing gossip session or kitty parties, this aromatic beverage is the showstopper. If you are having a brainstorming session, and you need to reenergize yourself, just a cup of tea is all you need. A simple act of pouring a cup of tea is, in itself, an ice-breaker, providing pleasurable anticipation of the goodness that is to follow. If you ask any Indian about tea, they will state their real emotion about tea and its...

10 Best Emerging Tea Brands - 2023

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Aromica Tea Aromica Tea Ranjit Baruah, Founder They take pride in their handcrafted blends, infused with their expertise and passion to provide customers with a Green Tea blend that is rich in aroma, flavor, and taste. They are proud to be the first to introduce Blooming Green tea to the region, offering customers an exotic floral display and an enjoyable aroma and fragrance
Baton Tea Baton Tea Pankaj Kumar, CEO They promise to manufacture a high-quality product and ensure smooth and timely delivery and a delightful customer experience. They bring premium quality tea sourced directly from the best farms by cutting down involvment of any middlemen. The blending, mixing, and packaging process are taken care of by their in house experts
Caffena Tea Company Caffena Tea Company Lalit Tomar, Founder & CEO India’s one of the leading manufacturer of finest and superior tea known for its exquisite blend and great aroma. They acquire tea from the finest tea gardens of our nation like Assam, Darjeeling, North Bengal, Himachal Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Munnar. They follow the highest manufacturing and food safety standards, which results in consistent, fresh, and high-quality products
Chaya Time Chaya Time M. Haroon Rasith, Founder & CEO They blend unique tastes, satisfying both the discerning palates of the global market and the authentic expectations of Indian tea enthusiasts. All of their outlets are offering an array of beverages from teas to coffees, milkshakes, coolers, and more
HerBlend Gourmet Tea HerBlend Gourmet Tea K. Kaur , Founder & CEO Uses the finest teas, herbs and floral ingredients to meticulously craft more than 100 blends by hand. Single-origin teas are carefully chosen from the finest tea gardens, traditional teas are prepared with our unique twist and artisan blends are prepared by their experienced founder
Nutriyash Nutriyash Pathak Kaushik & Prem Tiwari, Directors Presents to you a perfect blend of Health & Taste, a luscious guilt-free natural indulgence. With the promise of no added colour, chemicals and preservatives, their healthy delights are crafted to enhance your mood and immunity. Their products are known for its quality, packing as well as premiumness
OneLeaf Agro Food LLP OneLeaf Agro Food LLP Vishal Chauhan, Founder The foremost provider of the finest Assam and Darjeeling estate teas, delivering them straight to your door. The company takes care to ensure that each blend maintains its freshness and aroma for a truly unforgettable cup. The packaging stage too is carried out responsibly by using carefully chosen materials that are eco friendly
Tea With Susmita Tea With Susmita Susmita Das Gupta, Founder Brings the finest and specialty teas to the tea lovers & educate them on the identification, brewing, and enjoyment of specialty and whole-leaf Indian tea while bringing the freshest tea straight from the gardens. Sourcing teas from some of the country's best tea estates to ensure their customers get fresh and unique teas
Teaology Teaology Sahil Chaplot & Shraddha Khinvasara, Founders Their teas, filled with herbs and flowers, are packed with vitamins and antioxidants that are great for cleansing the body of toxins and strengthening our immune system. A luxury brand that not only provides an extensive collection of the highest quality of premium loose leaf teas but also seeks to revolutionize the tea industry to deliver an extraordinary and unparalleled tea experience
The Tea Toast The Tea Toast Akshay Kulkarni, Suhas Chandak, Rahul Kednurkar & Akshay Kathariya, Founders Redefining the tea and coffee culture in India’s Tier-II cities, bringing about a new wave by blending traditional principles with modernity. Their aim is to bring people together over the joy of beverages and food by uniquely offering signature green teas, cookies, and special premixes