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Burnard. R, Founder & Chief Creative Officer
Burnard. R
Founder & Chief Creative Officer
Once upon a time there was advertising and all the brands in the land flocked to it to find a way to tell their story to the world. Some would pay handsomely, others wouldn’t, but the way the job was done and how ideas would come to life excited the craftsmen to continue dreaming and to dig deeper in their trade. The story of Chill, an advertising startup from Chennai is no different. “We love to get our creative juices flowing just like the next hungry bunch of ad men but with an entrepreneurial motive, like turtles wanting to fly,” says Burnard Rajan the founder and CCO, Chill Creative Services.

An employee at Chill is an “Entreployee” or that's how the company prefers to call its team members. They have the opportunity to be a part of running a creative workshop from the ground-up and do whatever it takes; mistakes included. They are given exposure from pin to plane so they can if they really want to develop their own creative product be it in photography, animation, junk art or films. “A risk is a reward
when you are young” that goes for both the agency and its young hyper-creative workforce,” mentions Burnard.

In some aspects like an IIM, Chill practically teaches its 'pupils' 'how to and how not to manage a creative businesses' while being a huge part of the creative process and the product, this brings in more accountability and camaraderie among the team. Chill believes in individuality and encourages the spirit of entrepreneurship from a creative mindset. To back this up they have senior management with more than 25 years of experience in the field, Creative Directors who' ve run businesses for multinational agencies and travelled the globe to gain as much insight into the ever-evolving world of advertising.

" Chill believes in individuality and encourages the spirit of entrepreneurship from a creative mindset"

This type of unconventional thinking actually has helped Chill on three key areas. First - to do well for their clients; judging from their client base which includes a leading sports nutrition brand, a well-known brand of fertility hospitals, a category leader in testing equipments and more. Secondly, the philosophy has helped the agency to do good work for themselves one can acknowledge this with the number of awards they have on their shelves, and lastly to run the show without compromising on salaries.
Even a fresher at Chill is offered better pay in comparison to the low paid market like Chennai.

Mohammed AR,
Director & Strategic Partner

The Authors of Chill
The startup has its best interests with its investors. One of the two investors, Mohammed A.R. is a business builder with a creative streak and also a successful bouncer, devoted motorcyclist, and acute music enthusiast in Australia. He holds an international MBA with the experience of media buying & planning (Starcom & OMD) on his shoulders. FAREEDH. M is a techie based out of the US,an Enterprise Architect building data and machine learning platforms for the legal research market. Their entrepreneurial acumen is shared with Chill cementing a deep association in creating customer centric brands, and goes towards making marketing more effective and the creative team a bit more eccentric. Burnard has worked in Ogilvy, Contract, Mudra and more, he has also worked in countries like Bangkok and Indonesia, domestically in Mumbai, Bangalore, Cochin and Chennai.