Chipspirit Technologies: Leveraging 150+ Years of Relevant Experience to Address Clients Needs

Mohan Jindal,Founder and Director, Chipspirit Technologies

Mohan Jindal

Founder and Director, Chipspirit Technologies

In terms of entrepreneurship and business, India has evolved into one of the top emerging countries in the world. Hundreds of startup companies have been founded in the last years, many of which are enjoying incredible success. An example of one such leading in the space of Chip development and semiconductors manufacturing is Chipspirit Technologies. Chipspirit is presently working on the latest 10nm development with World’s Largest Processor company for next generation Server products. “Chipspirit’s philosophy is all about the WORK that does not yet exist and cannot yet be clearly defined, we define, design, execute and get implemented in the final usecases!” says Mohan Jindal, Founder and Director at Chipspirit Technologies.

The company since its foundation has established itself as a Product hardware chip implementation company working in collaboration with the Indian Defence Ministry of India.

Flagship Services offered at Chipspirit
Chipspirit offers a wide range of Services for various CHIP Development processes primarily being Front end Architecture, RTL design and Verification. These are complex in nature and are delivered by the company’s sophisticated expertise and knowhow. A Good Design leads to the next solution with the least application level issues, Chipspirit targets A0-silicon success and has executed multiple such successful products in last four years. The team at Chipspirit for this cause comprise of efficient designers, micro-architects, RTL integrators providing quality results reducing verification cycles for TTM. Post design, the company applies the best regression test solutions. This is necessary so that it can adapt to every possible change
and scale with different Designs and Architectures.

The team at Chipspirit also offers quick and quality tested solutions that canbe plugged into the client’s customized need. A wide range in out of the box solutions are also available suitable for deployment or testing prototypes. The company also intends to work on physical design services. “We plan on our training modules and use the tools to get goal based timing, layout, extracted results with excellent core strength based objectives for the IP and SoC levels HIPs,” says Mohan.

Chipspirit’s collaboration with the Indian Navy is the first of its kind in the implementation of cutting-edge Security Application

We use cutting edge technology and engineering solutions to build every chip that we work on,” says Mohan. The team at Chipspirit have a combined experience of 150+ years. Mohan, the champion, leading this innovative company has an extensive and rich experience in VLSI design, verification and implementation. The team at Chipspirit is working withall size organizations ranging from the Largest Chip development Organizations of the US, along with some of the US Startups and a few Israel companies towards their Design and Verification Executions.

As a Product Company
Chipspirit Technologies besides delivering top-notch services and solutions also works toward the creation of reliable products. Its product, ABHED-1 is a dedicated secure hardware-based offline encryption device for transacting classified data over Public and Open Data networks. After Chipspirit won the Prestigious iDEX challenge in March 2019, the team co-developed the Hardware security solutions with Indian Defence under the Make-In-India initiative by Ministry of Defence.

The purpose of the device is to undertake folder and file level encryption with data files read from source USB media device and written to a different target USB media device without any software, without any operating systems. This hardware based device has the capability to encrypt, decrypt and handle common Windows or Linux file system over USB on either end,this is first time in the world it is being implemented in a fully hardware based solution. “The Secure hardware will enable our armed forces to have offline security with their own systems in place. With this hardware implementation the Graded secure data handled with self-driven algorithms will be faster, simple, and secure,” says Sumit, the Engineering lead of Abhed-1. Another purpose of this device is to act as a bump-in-the wire encryptor for the Ethernet based point to point communication systems.

Over the years, Chipspirit has worked with 7nm executions with a South-Korean multinational Giant and on the V2X platforms for a European MNC adhering to the ISO26262 standards for Netlist Verification of various Boot up sequences.“The aim is to continually deliver products and services of uncompromised quality and timelines at a competitive budget,” concludes Mohan.