Chlear: Delivering Effective Integrated Marketing Seamlessly

 Shailesh Kumar,    Founder & CEO

Shailesh Kumar

Founder & CEO

The business landscape is getting increasingly competitive and customers now have more choices than never before in terms of products, vendors and purchasing. Companies have to explore newer options of reaching out to prospects effectively, find out more about their preferences, and deliver compelling communication to sustain and strengthen engagement. In effect, marketing initiatives have to be innovative, effective and importantly, work in sync to deliver optimum advantage to the client and the cause.

Businesses today conceive several different marketing initiatives. And then comes the challenge of identifying partners who specialize in each of these activities. With the digital space booming and becoming omnipresent, online marketing channels are burgeoning and the marketing paradigm is getting completely redefined. Traditionally there were and are, those creative advertising agencies that specialize in branding and mainline media. Today, you need to engage with various other agencies digital agencies, content specialists, performance marketing, on ground activity specialists and more. This only means more vendors to manage, more conflicting thoughts to counter, and fighting the impossible of achieving coherence and seam lessness across these groups.

CHLEAR was created in 2015 to address this challenge and offer businesses a seamless Integrated Marketing Solution(IMS) experience, under one entity. Founded by Shailesh Kumar, a professional with rich experience in both IT and advertising, and M.L. Sudheen, a translation, transcription and content pioneer with a successful track record, CHLEAR is a boutique 360 advertising and IMS provider, headquartered in Bengaluru. Unlike the traditional advertising approach, CHLEAR works closely with clients to deliver ROI driven solutions that are effective and measurable, achieved by creating compelling creative, delivering communication in carefully chosen media pipelines and leveraging cutting tools to carefully measure and analyse the effectiveness thereof.

Shailesh Kumar sums up CHLEAR's reason to exist in one line saying "Customers don't need an agency to create units of collateral and media plans. They need a partner with 360 expertise to solve their marketing challenges”. To achieve this, CHLEAR was set up under five business units, each catering to a different segment of marketing Creative & Communications, Performance Marketing, Technology, Marketing Automation and Localization.

Creative & Communications handles everything to do with the brand and its identity logo design brand guideline, packaging, collateral, content and messaging.

Performance Marketing includes paid acquisition, PPC campaigns, SEO, Media
Vines, mobile marketing, and everything that comes under the umbrella of paid marketing.

Technology includes developing websites, mobile applications, and their management. A brand needs a solid and dynamic online presence and marketing strategies can work wonders only with an active online presence and strategy. CHLEAR has developed a high level of expertise in ecommerce enabled websites and mobile apps. The company has an inhouse lead management system and reporting dashboard."We look to deploy technology at several sections where we feel we can eliminate human intervention, thus enhancing speed and performance", says Shailesh.

Marketing automation has been a go-to for major brands. CHLEAR conceives and manages the entire marketing strategy end-to-end, right from lead nurturing to evaluation, number of partners etc. The entire marketing strategy, execution and content creation is conceived and executed by various teams working together in sync.

Localization is integral to any global marketing campaign. CHLEAR is capable of converting campaigns to any language in India. The company is also equipped to develop content and collateral in various foreign languages.

Over the years, CHLEAR has created memorable and effective brand campaigns both on mainline and online media, websites with complex e-commerce enabled features, apps and professional video content for various channels. CHLEAR also specializes in brand identity logos, brand guidelines, print and display collateral. CHLEAR formulates the best suited integrated marketing plans for brands mixing creativity, performance marketing, technology and analytics.

The Team a Blend of Youth & Experience
Driven by values of integrity, transparency, teamwork, ethics, and customer oriented thinking, CHLEAR has all along managed to attract and retain the best available talent in the industry­ a fine blend of youth and experience. "Our team includes specialists in coding, analysis, social media, content, design, video and film and business strategy. We offer our services to a range of businesses across verticals life style, e-commerce, FMCG, BFSI, automotive, education, healthcare, and more. We are working to create an ecosystem that's constantly learning, unlearning and responding to a dynamic marketplace. Our focus is on ROI and optimizing the customer's spends", says Shailesh Kumar.

From Humble Beginnings to Aggressive Growth
The initial years required a good amount of engaging and convincing with prospects considering that CHLEAR was slightly ahead of its time. The importance of digital marketing and integrating different marketing channels was just about taking off and clients were skeptical about CHLEAR's offering and expertise. Gradually, the company's deliveries began to speak for themselves and measurable results were there for all to see. And subsequently, there was growth. The phase of consolidation is over and the company has now entered the scaling phase. CHLEAR is now pursuing an aggressive expansion plan across India and overseas. Mumbai and Hyderabad will be the first centres in India while Dubai is the focus for the international market. Backed by a strong foundation, impressive client list compelling case studies and a robust operational framework, CHLEAR is all set for tremendous growth over the years to establish itself as a name to reckon within the Integrated Marketing space in India and the region.