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 Venkata Rachur,  , Founder & CEO

Venkata Rachur,

Founder & CEO

A fact about entrepreneurs is that they're willing to give up comfort and surety to have a shot at achieving something that is of complete extra ordinary in nature. This exactly replicates the story of Venkata Rachur, a highly motivated engineer who had worked with Oracle in India & US for over two decades of his professional career. Continuously hit by the question ‘Where am I? What to do next?’ he impulsively quit his job. Hitting his head hard, the turning point finally came in. It was when he identified the lacuna in the game of sports, specifically in swimming. It happened while he used to visit his 12 year old son’s swimming classes. He came across the various issues & problems such as obtaining real time results, logging workouts, updates on upcoming competitions, performances comparison, and information on nutrition and dietary requirements and so on that existed since ages. Thinking about why there was no particular platform or a one stop solution for all the problems and sparked by the idea to create it, Swim India was born.

“Conjuring up this idea in my mind, I worked on the design and spoke to innumerable parents, coaches & swimmers. There after, partnering with friends who possessed software services company to develop a sports technology platform, we first started with
swimming, thereafter enabling a grand vision of addressing this for sports like tennis, badminton & others,” mentions Venkata Rachur, Founder & CEO, CIALFO Solutions.

Known to be the only platform available for the swimmers, coaches, parents and academies in India, SwimIndia aims to bring in the use of technology for every competition and facilitate easy information access and data management

SwimIndia – First Online Portal for the Swimming Enthusiasts
Overcoming the long journey, meeting with various coaches, associations & federations, CIALFO started with networking & credibility process. Registered as CIALFO Solutions Private Limited, a company focused on developing a sports technology came up with ‘SwimIndia’. Known to be the only online platform available for the swimmers, coaches, parents and academies in India, SwimIndia aims to educate the swimming community through a social platform and helps them with opportunities and also strengthens to promote the swimming culture with information tips on training & diet, swimming clubs, & more.

Commonly used by the training centers, academies, schools, universities to manage their centers, coaches & players, it also connects to the stakeholders and ensures information access, facilitates interactions, tracking & measuring of performances. Additionally, tracking the competitions organized at National,
State & School levels right from registration to the results process, CIALFO sights to provide valuable insights with complete veracity & authenticity of the data in a digitized manner. “Many people play sports, but nobody has a record of their score or performance. We through our platform are trying to bring in a disruptive change in the way sports is perceived & achieved along with promoting it at the grass root level,” avers Venkata.

Expanding its platform across Multiple Sports
Bangalore headquartered CIALFO, derived from the Olympic motto, CItius, ALtius, FOrtius - Faster, Higher, Stronger started with Swimming as its core objective with the basic motive to educate swimmers, parents, coaches & swimming enthusiasts, promote swimming meets, swimmer’s achievement through networking & building talent. Today the company has 70k+ followers on social media, 7000+ registered users, 6k+ mobile apps downloads with 1.5 million page views and 70+ competitions covered. Growing organically, the company has partnered with Karnataka Swimming Association, Swimming Federation of India and global brands like Speedo, SportsDrive, Glenmark Aquatic Foundation, Fast and Up, Macsha & more. Recently, outsourcing its product development to Nichi-In Software Solutions, the company has generated interest from Dubai, SriLanka, Singapore and is looking for investments of around USD 500,000 to expand its platform across multiple sports. “We are planning to expand the sports technology platform for multiple sports. With the data available, we will be using Big Data and Analytics to help users in performance tracking and management,” concludes Venkata.