Citta: A Premium Baby Bath & Skincare Brand Offering A Perfect Harmony Of Traditional Wisdom, Science & Convenience

 Akanksha Sharma,   CEOThe 21st century has brought a new horizon for scientific innovation in the baby care industry, and the market is expanding rapidly due to increased product innovation, personalization, and inexpensive pricing of baby care products around the country. The market dynamics have changed over the past several years due to millennial parents' growing need for more transparency in the ingredients of baby care products. Baby skin care purchases are heavily influenced by the product's formulation, benefits, suitability for a baby's skin and health, ease of use, and value for money. Prominent market leaders and newcomers have created unique skincare and hygienic collections for newborns to meet consumer demand, but only some cater to the premium baby skincare segment. Established in 2021 CITTA is a premium natural Baby Bath and Skincare brand that backs the traditional wisdom and knowledge of Indian grandparents with rigorous science and makes it accessible to new-age parents conveniently.

Global sales of baby care products are influenced by attractive packaging and innovative product ingredients. Beyond the apparent necessity for the best packaging to safeguard formulae with few or no preservatives, consumers are always searching for practical solutions. Due to a lack of highquality natural product options available, newage parents depend on imported items. They are looking for convenient yet effective products for their babies that are dermatologically approved or doctors prescribed.

CITTA has carved a space in the premium segment of the baby care industry and has loyal customers as it only offers products
that are made with the finest natural ingredients, which are safe for a baby's skin and are dermatologically tested. CITTA's products are available on six online marketplaces and tap into the aspirations of middle class and upper middle class customers. “Our focus on creating premium, natural baby care products that are unlike anything else in the market today is helping us reach the right audience” speaks Akanksha Sharma, CEO, CITTA. Carving Space in the Premium Segment of the Baby care Industry.

CITTA is a customer centric brand that offers innovative and unconventional products made from unique ingredients and formulations, providing comprehensive care to the baby's skin. The brand's product range includes premium skincare and bath essentials for babies, such as Moisturizing Baby Balm for Face and Body, Nourishing Baby Massage Oil, Tender Foaming Baby Wash, Gentle Foaming Baby Shampoo, and Soothing Talc-Free Baby Powder. CITTA has also tapped into the segment of adult skincare with its range of face mists. “Our eternal love for babies made us formulate every product using natural ingredients, ensuring they are gentle, safe, and mild for newborns”, speaks Akanksha Sharma.

CITTA is a cruelty free brand, and its products are FDA approved and manufactured in a safe, clean and hygienic facility and is GMP(Good Manufacturing Practice) certified. Their active ingredients are EcoCert, COSMOS certified, and allergen-free as per IFRA (International Fragrance Association) standards. CITTA is environmentally conscious at every step of its product development hence the brand upholds the highest standards of quality checks and believes in 100 percent transparency. The company has a dedicated customer support team that calls each of its customers and records their feedback. Apart from its products, the company has started CITTA Cares Club, an initiative that provides a platform primarily for new-age parents that brings parents and experts together for free.

CITTA aims to expand to other states in modern and general trade sectors and become India's best Baby Bath and Skincare brand.Further, the company is working towards expanding its network to reach leading doctors (pediatricians and dermatologists) across India and become the brand every parent trusts for their baby's skin. In the coming years, the brand also aims to open experiential CITTA stores at multiple locations in India. CITTA is keen to create its own identity and presence in the international market as a pioneer Indian brand in the baby care and skin care segment.