City Life: A Young Firm Uniquely Positioned to Assist the Rising EV Industry

Sunil Dhamija & Amit Jhamb,  Co-Founders & Directors

Sunil Dhamija & Amit Jhamb

Co-Founders & Directors

Over the last few years, the sales of Electric Vehicles have grown rapidly in the country. In fact, as per findings of a survey done by Windmill Capital, it is found that the Indian EV market houses various small as well as large EV startups and is estimated to reach $15,397 billion by the year 2027. The report also states that the government’s support, active participation from the industry and high fuel prices are all positives for the EV industry. Indian EV startups are offering a slew of services such as sustainable mobility, energy infrastructure, commercial mobility to the general masses and other organizations. Besides, they are also helping to reduce carbon emissions and offering a cheaper alternative to fossil fuels.

Citylife is one of the leading manufacturers, exporters of environment friendly battery operated E-Rickshaws. Established in 2013, Citylife is one of the pioneers in industry to produce 'Make-in-India' electric vehicles. The firm has made proper use of high-end technology and well trained experts. Consequently, every product that gets manufactured and delivered to its customers are featured with utmost safety and offer much required comfort and utility to the driver, in addition to all the passengers. “Our key objective has always been to design and produce E-Rickshaws of the highest quality offering committed customer service and satisfaction”, says Amit Jhamb, Co-Founder & Director.

Amit Jhamb, Co-Founder & Director

Amit is involved in managing core operations and financials of the organization. Another key pillar of the company is Sunil Dhamija who is also the Director and Co-Founder and is looking after new product development and innovations. Also, Dishant Dhamija, Marketing Head is focused on strengthening company’s network across PAN India and Veerain Dhamija, Plant Head is dedicated towards seamless production and deliveries of vehicles.

Uses High Grade Materials
Quality has always been a paramount factor for Citylife as the firm has always believed that products’ quality has got the crucial role to play in pushing the growth of any business. Citylife uses high-grade engineering and right combination of different composite materials. It has a state of the art manufacturing facility spread over an area of two acres at Sonipat, Haryana. The rickshaws manufactured by Citylife are ideal for day-to-day usage and at the same time have got the capability to carry four persons, apart from the driver without any difficulty.

The company has introduced new range of rickshaws with lithium batteries to give more power, stable charge and long lasting, approved and subsidized by the Indian government. The E-Rickshaws manufactured by Citylife has a mild steel tabular chassis that consists of 3 wheels with a differential mechanism at rear wheels. Their motor is brushless that is manufactured by the latest technology that meets customer comfort and needs.

No Compromise with the Comfort of Passengers
The company has always believed that modern India needs a vehicle that can match the pace and make every ride comfortable and enjoyable while enabling them to do their bit for the environment. So, each day at Citylife is spent innovating ways to build vehicles that leave a mark. Because a quality innovation is one that increases the joy, decreases the effort and minimizes the emission. It is focused on building a complete ecosystem for electric vehicles in India, powered by indigenous design and all locally manufactured. Each product manufactured by the company is closely inspected, rigorously tested by quality
engineers and put through several stringent quality checks before reaching the customers. The company makes sure that when a customer rides a Citylife's EV, they should settle for nothing less than the best in comfort, style, afford ability and eco friendliness.

Citylife believes that in a world of technological innovation, the EV industry can play a vital role. Traditionally, the company has provided the highest quality of electric vehicles and now its focus is on precise, professional and punctual services. It believes in offering good quality, competitive prices, on time delivery and powerful technical support. The company has acquired comprehensive knowhow and superior skills over a decade of high quality work. These essential qualities, coupled with the innovative, readily flexible infrastructure and power, enable it to respond immediately to the high tech requirements put forward by its customers.

Citylife keeps conducting fun and engaging team building activities on a regular basis within the organization so that its employees can get refreshed and connected with each other through interactive sessions. The company predicts a meteoric rise and exponential increase in the number of sales of electric vehicles in India and is indicative of the country’s ongoing transition to electric mobility as a result of rising gasoline prices and subsidies for EVs. The firm has made incredible strides in terms of innovation design and road sustainability. Thus the development of the electric vehicle industry will usher in a plethora of prospects that will fuel the company’s rapid expansion.

Dishant Dhamija, Marketing Head

Growing along with Employees
Citylife is constantly re-inventing itself and offering its employees a great environment to grow their skills and careers. The company helps its employees to cultivate their craft and help them advance as they progress in their profession. All the team members of Citylife follow a clear vision of accelerating the earth’s transition to an all electric future. The firm is pumped to leverage its collective expertise in electric vehicle segment as well as it envisions a world where EVs are safer, last longer, perform better and empower a more sustainable future for its future generations.

With Its Presence Across More Than 20 States & Having A Strong Dealer Network Of 150 Plus Across The Country, Citylife Has Set A Niche For Itself In The EV Industry

Citylife is already making it big in the passenger vehicle space and is pretty popular amongst its competitors. The company is on a mission to revolutionize the commute experience and aims to reduce traffic congestion and air pollution in urban India. Its durable, dependable and efficient vehicles have all the safety features that are needed by the customers, such as automated emergency brakes with a long range as the company never compromises on power and range.

Veerain Dhamija, Plant Head

Geographical Presence
Citylife continuously maintains its position in the industry by adopting the latest technologies. With its presence across more than 20 states and having a strong dealer network of 150 plus across the country, Citylife has set a niche for itself in the EV industry. The company provides its services and products in regions including Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Assam, Gujarat, Kolkata, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Tripura, Jammu & Kashmir, Maharashtra and many more states.

Future Plans & Expectations
Currently, Citylife has a production capacity of 4000 vehicles every month and is planning to set up a new plant with the production capacity of 10,000 vehicles which will be commissioned by the year 2026. Also, the firm is continuously working towards introducing two wheelers and high speed three wheelers in this calendar year. Other than vehicles, it is also manufacturing some critical spare parts which can be very useful in these vehicles. With vehicular pollution being one of major causes for global warming, Citylife believes that clean mobility will play a big role in tackling this issue. “Our aim is to use renewable energy and off grid power systems to optimise the last mile logistics”, signs off Amit.