Cityfurnish: Providing quality furniture and home appliances on easy monthly rental

 Saurabh Gupta,  Co-Founder ,   Neerav Jain,  Co-Founder

Saurabh Gupta, Co-Founder

Neerav Jain, Co-Founder

With changes in lifestyles and mindsets, the desire of ownership is being replaced by the desire to have better experiences by renting of resources which allow consumers to use highend products without investing a sizable capital to own the products. Thus, more and more people are opting to rent everything from clothes to furniture to property. Renting out the essentials has become the new norm, rather than constantly packing and moving stuff all around. The online furniture rental startups are looking to leverage this opportunity to serve this growing market. Furniture and appliance rentals, especially, have found many takers, with many startups offering online platforms where people can select and order furniture through online monthly, quarterly, or annual rental package.

Contributing to this growth story is Cityfurnish, one of the fastest growing rental brand providing home furniture and appliances on easy and affordable rentals. Cityfurnish aims to provide ease to consumers by providing them furniture items at affordable monthly rentals right at their doorstep which helps them avoid the hassle of buying furniture and incurring the relocation cost while moving houses frequently. "Unlike most of our peers, we
control the end to end value chain,right fromproduct sourcing to fulfilment and delivery thereby making the consumer experience more delightful. We're motivated by a single vision to build a world class brand in the furniture renting industry,"says Neerav Jain, Founder, Cityfurnish.

Cityfurnish is one of the fastest growing rental brand providing home furniture and appliances on easy and affordable rentals

The Siliver Lining
With the immense focus on product quality and customer service, the company strives to become the most preferred name in the furniture industry by customer's choice. At present, it provides office furniture and home furniture which includes a range of diverse items like beds, living room and dining room sets. Further, the product categories include consumer durables and appliances, electronics and fitness equipment. Every order placed with Cityfurnish passes through various stages, right from the start of the order through the support and sales team, processing of the order through the revenue team and the final delivery by the operations team. "Post the delivery of furniture, we take utmost care of the proper installation, repairs and replacements and free of cost relocation post six months of usage. For any product related concerns, the action is taken with a period of 72 hours of the customer's request. After a proper inspection, the necessary steps are taken by our team for the repair/replacement of the product. We also have a designated team which takes care of customer refunds ensuring that the refunds are processed smoothly after close examination of the damage and early pickup charges," he informs.

The Journey
The concept behind Cityfurnish germinated with the need for temporary furnishing and it was formed with the idea to revolutionize the rental economy in India by making renting affordable and easy. Since then, the company has grown by leaps and bounds. The revenue has increased by a margin of 110 percent in the previous financial year and the target is to reach 150 percent in the current financial year. "Over the next few months, we plan to roll out operations in Hyderabad and Chennai. We have also set a target of one million subscribers by 2021 with an annual rate of return of $70-80 million," Neerav concludes.