Clever Fox Publishing: India's Fastest Growing Publishing Platform For Authors & Educational Institutes

Ranjan Mohapatra, Founder & CEO,Praveen Raj, COOMany authors quit before finding a home for their manuscript, since they struggle to get their book into the right hands for publishing. The obstacles that authors encounter in traditional publishing and self-publishing are considerable, making hybrid publishing model, the future of book publishing. This alternative in the publishing market provides authors with a faster and easier route to publishing in exchange for shouldering some of the upfront publishing costs, resulting in larger profit margins for the author.

Clever Fox Publishing is the fastest-growing end-to-end hybrid book publisher in India. The company's exceptional distribution network spans 150+ countries and a vibrant community of 18,000+ members. The firm has been bringing out various literary voices in all Indian languages, with a special emphasis on hybrid publishing; guided publishing and partnered publishing.

Clever Fox offers comprehensive services to the authors including author coaching, publishing, marketing, adaptation support, and distribution. “During my time working for various traditional and international publishers, I discovered many flaws in the publication process that concerned the authors. Professional publishing was divided into two models: traditional publishing and self-publishing platforms. I observed that authors used to experience various obstacles while working with major traditional publishers, such as a long waiting period,
a high rejection rate, a lack of assistance and freedom for authors to make suggestions for their own books, and a low royalty rate. To make this more inexpensive, we automized it with the help of my partner Praveen Raj, a highly influential technology evangelist. We subsequently use cloud printing, which drastically reduced our printing costs”, explains Ranjan Mohapatra, CEO & Founder, Clever Fox Publishing.

As publishing industry mavens, both Founders bring years of unparalleled experience. The adventure which began in Praveen's terrace is now India's fastest-growing, end-to-end, hybrid book publisher. Today, the organization has carved out a position for itself by leveraging hybrid publishing methods such as Guided Publishing and Partnered Publishing to drive the needed innovation in the publishing industry. Clever Fox Guided Publishing Model is popular among first-time authors whereas the Partnered Publishing Model is preferred by experienced authors.

As an end-to-end hybrid publishing firm, Clever Fox Publishing’s exemplary distribution network spreads across 150+ countries & a highly engaged community of 18,000+ members

Some of the noteworthy advantages that Clever Fox promises are a seamless and digital book submission process, publishment in more than 41 languages, publishment in Print, eBook, Interactive eBook, and audiobook, live sales tracking and marketing through an intuitive author dashboard, affordable publishing packages which starts at Rs.2500, 100 percent author profit for Guided Publishing and 50 percent for Partnered Publishing, cloud printing (game changing technology to make publishing affordable), vast global book distribution network up to 150+ countries for both online and physical stores, cinematic adaptation support, strong PR and Marketing team, collaboration with FM, Audiobook FMs and TV platforms, and complete customer visibility through book fairs and events.“We are proud to say that we have maintained the same level of service delivery, with a very high repeat customer ratio. As a result, we spend less money on brand advertising”, highlights Praveen Raj, COO & Co-Founder, Clever Fox Publishing.

Going forward, Clever Fox Publishing would be focusing on increasing its distribution, customer support and customer base. The company recently acquired all the published books from BUUKS, which was an old Chennai based publisher. “Currently, our primary focus is on establishing a presence in key cities in India and overseas. We desire to be a one-stop publishing shop for authors and readers, with more of our books signed for film adaptations while at the same time carry out author coaching to boost bestsellers”, concludes Praveen.