Clinicea Healthcare: Emerging as the SAP of Clinic Chains

Lalith Surana & Hemesh Soni, CEO & CTOFor reverse medical tourism purposes, Texas Medical Concierge needed a quintessential EMR system on par with the high-quality systems in U.S. to transfer medical records from Delhi. After trying out 25 different EMR systems in 18 months, they found Clinicea Healthcare India, which offered a revolutionary product far better than the local products in U.S. and Europe. Today, not just EMR but the entire technology aspect of their business runs on Clinicea. Clinicea is the only company that has found validation and traction across diverse clinic chains in Hong Kong, India, Singapore, Africa, Sri Lanka, Riyadh, Paris, Europe and US; not just because it supports multiple languages, currencies and time zones, but also due to their thirst for constant innovation. The cent-percent success of this three-year old startup came with zero investment on marketing.

Simplicity is the Utmost Sophistication
The Singapore-based company with office in Kolkata was founded in 2012 by Lalit Surana (CEO), Hemesh Soni (CTO), Nidhi Gupta(investor & serial entrepreneur), who decided to build a product as simple as writing on a paper, since they knew that doctors prefer paper over the complicated and time-consuming process of recording notes using software. After gaining vast market experience and performing R&D for nine years, they created Clinicea - an EMR engine. Once the doctor shows paper forms to the engine, it will digitize them into medically relevant clinical Sections and create an EMR case sheet for the doctor’s specialty in 30 seconds. It intelligently auto-compiles to create one page medical summaries, unlike 99.99 percent solutions in the market that necessitate doctors to go through 6-8 different windows to go from chief complaints, Vitals, Examination, Rx, Investigations to reach Follow-ups. Instead of making the doctors to learn the software, Clinicea learns and perfectly adapts to doctors by auto-configuring it self.

Keeping Data in Single Silo

Induced by the success of EMR engine, Clinicea leveraged its in-depth expertise to build a holistic medical platform with rich features (EMR, CRM, call box, practice management, lab, pharmacy, clinic promotions and a built-in API among others) to solve the data aggregation issues of
widespread clinic chains. Tied-up with some of world’s largest companies, Clinicea integrates international phone numbers, voice services, IVR services, MMS and SMS across 40 countries in multiple languages. “Clinics using legacy systems can connect to our hook and ensure that all data is kept in one single silo – Clinicea, where every department can work on,” explains Hemesh.

Not Just a Technical Achievement, but a Commercial Success

“We don’t have support or sales team to approach clients. Our developers get to explain their work to an end-user who approached them with genuine interest. Thus, the domain expertise of developers radically increases and clients get a clear picture about the thought process behind the feature,” asserts Lalit. The company that intends to maintain its threefold revenue growth will launch its API (which is in beta phase) to the world in the next six months. Several healthcare IT companies and startups have signed up with Clinicea to access the API and build solutions on top of it, while a few companies are already developing solutions around it. Clinicea is set to reform the retail segment and induce innovative healthcare services by providing a robust technology backbone and be the SAP for medical clinic chains.