Cloud Control Solutions: Equipped With Advanced Skills & Specialization In Gitops & SRE Services

Rajagopal Nair ,COO According to a report published by Allied Market Research, the global DevOps market worth is projected to touch the 57.9 billion mark in 2030, registering a CAGR of more than 24 percent. Technology innovation and transformation have become part and parcel of the business ecosystem today and the cloud is such an innovation in software engineering. Unified with automation, AI, ML, and other technologies, Cloud is enabling the launch of a huge number of digital innovations.

However, onboarding and day-to-day cloud infrastructure management still remain a challenge to a lot of companies as specialized skills and knowledge in Cloud technologies, specifically Cloud DevOps, are scarce in the industry. This is exactly what Cloud Control seeks to address. It provides agility through automation and give the client full observability of their applications workloads while optimizing the cost of ownership.

The Cloud Control team is a set of highly skilled and experienced professionals. The DevOps engineers are all Kubernetes certified, and as a matter of fact, the company also distributes an upstream version of the Kubernetes software. This guarantees the client the utmost reliability and trust when they hire Cloud Control.

“Cutting edge technologies such as Kubernetes and containers, can provide customers the best out of the cloud, however, they are very complex, requiring specialized skills to setup and manage. We also avoid over-configuring the cloud for our clients and help them get the required services within a fixed budget.
Partnering with us is always more economical for a client because they will not have to pay for any service they don’t absolutely require", mentions Rajagopal Nair, COO and Head of Business Development, Cloud Control.

Market Position & Future Expectations
Cloud Control primarily identified itself as a GitOps and SRE Services establishment. The management believes that GitOps and SRE Services in a Kubernetes environment is the future of Cloud infrastructure in the world. On this ground, the company provides two kinds of services to its clients. First is Migration as a Service, where clients require partial or full onboarding to the cloud. Here, the company's key focus is to offer GitOps, which they believe is a superset of DevOps that would yield
a rapid low-touch cloud migration for the client.

Rejith Krishnan,

“We try to automate the systems as much as possible with our own tooling, ‘AppZ,’ that brings more agility and consistency in cloud operations where hyper-automation gives very minimal room for any human errors", mentions Rejith Krishnan, CEO, Cloud Control Solutions. Second is the managed SRS service. Here, the company takes over an existing cloud workload and takes care of the performance and availability of the system while ensuring greater Observability and Auditability. It has been able to gain clients' trust with its services and cater to a large demand for DevOps in the market.

Appz brings agility and consistency in cloud operations, where hyper-automation gives minimal room for any human errors

Originating from Boston, Cloud Control Solutions now has offices in India and Dubai. It has built its offices strategically to cater to a large part of the global demand. The company is gearing up well for the future with a differentiated approach that includes advanced product methodologies and skills. It is also a part of the CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation), and the solution is already available in AWS Marketplace. “We are infusing AI elements to our solution portfolio to improve productivity and for greater insights and also working on getting listed in the Azure and Google marketplaces very soon", concludes Rejith Krishnan.