Cloudaeon: Transforming Data into Information

Shashikant Mundlik, Co-Founder ,& CEO Amol Malpani, Co-Founder & CTO

Amol Malpani, Co-Founder & CTO

Digital has a new meaning for the world now. From the morning newspaper to the story book before sleep, life has taken a digital face. Ever since the world has encountered the digital revolution, the gigantic influx of data and content has become an ever increasing phenomenon. Data flow is being experienced to such an extent that proper control on all the information is a priority now. The concepts of cloud storage, big data analysis and internet of things have brought various implementations in the technological sector and companies are constantly trying to make use of all the unstructured data and transform those into useful information.

One such Pune based start-up is Cloudaeon Technologies which is leveraging the Digital world technologies to solve business problems. Founded in 2016 by two aspiring entrepreneurs, Cloudaeon is emerging as one of the most promising Pune based start-up focusing in digital world. Amol and I have worked in London together for more than five years for large enter-prise retailer building their advance data platform using Big Data technologies.

We often discussed on how we can
make these technologies available to SMEs and MSMEs so they also leverage Big Data and analytics and don’t fall behind in their data journey. We discussed our ideas with some of our mentors and industry experts and it was welcomed really well by them. At that time I decided to come back to India so it was right time to take the plunge. We started Cloudaeon to provide quality data engi-neering services to businesses”, says Shashikant Mundlik, Co-Founder & CEO, Cloudaeon.

Shashikant Mundlik
Co-Founder & CEO

The Services Rendered
Cloudaeon works in the product as well as in the services domain. When it comes to service areas, it is mainly focused on Big Data, Engineering Services and managed cloud services. These are mostly dedicated to the SMEs and MSMEs for them to initiate the start of their data journey by holding the hands of Cloudaeon. “Any small or medium corporation or enterprise level customer who want to start their data journey and they need to create the data platform can avail Cloudaeon services. Everyone has to realise the value of their data which is why we start from consulting and advisory services and redefine the architecture and implementation of the client’s business. On the product side we
have our two products, Automated Analytics Platform and SaaS based Demand Forecasting product. In order to put all these in one chain, we are a holistic data company”, states Amol Malpani, Co-Founder & CTO.

Shashikant adds, “Our products and services can be put into use by SMEs as well as well established corporation. We have clients who have a total accumulation of 40 Gigabytes of data and on the other hand we also handle clients who have dataclose to 700 Terabytes. We have developed a mature and dedicated Big data engineering team and we are proud to state that none of the employees have left us since inception. Our demand forecasting product is using advance analytics AI and ML technologies to help accurately forecast their sales and inventory requirements.

The Future Ahead
Since its inception three years ago, Cloudaeon has covered considerable path to have volumes spoken about. It has a 25 member team across team based in Pune and London. In the coming six months, the company will launch a product which will create disruption in the data engineering sector.

Cloudaeon wants to emerge as a company which has made businesses operations for MSMEs easier and have their data challenges solved. Cloudaeon has customer base all over Europe and has acquired some new clients in Singapore as well. It is planning to grow the team by 100 percent in the coming six months.